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  1. Hey everyone, I would like to know the proper way or options on fixing up some klipsch rf5's. The screw holes that hold the driver into place are loose and just spin. I can't just rotate and pre drill new holes because the way the mounting point is shaped, it only fits one way. Should I just get some wood glue? Fill the holes and pre drill again? Thanks.
  2. Hello everyone! Glad to be here in the forums to learn a lot! Little back on me, Love jazz, blues music and home theater. Current setup is marantz sr5012 and klipsch rp-160m's that I love! What a great sound over the other brand of speakers I have had! Huge difference. This is live sound to me! Anyway very excited on purchase. I have been finding some deals on klipsch used speakers. As much I as would love to get some HERESY or LaScala's! the rp-160m's and at matching setting for a 7.1 setup is what i'm looking to do in my small to medium size home theater room. However found a deal on some RF-5's from a local person selling 6 of them he has using in his theater. I have not went and listened to them yet. They're in great condition. So I am thinking about moving the RP-160m's to the rear and have the RF-5's be front L R and Side L R. For being older speakers I know they may sound different but how do the RF-5's rate to you guys? Looking for thoughts. Thanks for the welcome to forums and to join this great brand of speaker that I have been able to expand out my music and theater build. Thanks klipsch for still making a good speaker! Thanks forums for the replies.
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