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  1. Really appreciate the tips - will look into those options.
  2. Thanks for that, appreciate the story! My brother has a story about being in one of my Dad's boats, that was sinking fast as they headed back to shore. They nearly got in a fist fight arguing who's fault it was they were about to drown. Yes, he's rocked the island pretty good.
  3. Thanks, in BC Canada on Vancouver Island - Campbell River, but he is able to bring them to the Vancouver area.
  4. My Dad is going through a divorce and moving to a smaller space. He has had some pretty kick-butt sounding speakers and amp for a long time. He recently had them serviced but his new place isn't big enough for this system. I am trying to help him sell this but I am not sure the value. I think the Klipsch speakers have value, but while the Amp set he just had serviced is amazing, I'm learning those depreciate heavily. Here is the info I know, anyone have an idea of what value this would have (or if interested, make me an offer!) Deeply appreciate any help / advice. Put a bunch of his pictures here: https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipOhLP-dCP1fNqWdg_PuYocBmAkGdptzP0WcN4IY Speakers: 2 x Klipsch La Scala 33 - LSBR 26W347 CROWN SA 2 FM TWO Straight Line 2 Stereo PreAmplifier EQ-2 - Distinction Series Equalizer SERIAL 001478 SA2 Distinction Series Amplifier Serial 113091 item g42055-7
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