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  1. I am running the speakers with a Harman/Kardon HK3490 amp. It offers 240 Watts (2x120), and the speakers have 150 Watts listed as the max. It is pretty clear that I have limited knowledge about the stereo world, so I will ask the dumb question: The amp has two channels. Could it be that if I only use one channel (speakers 1, speakers 2, or speakers 1+2 are possible options on the amp settings) the amplifier is able to output 240 Watts, and therefore blew the tweeters in a careless moment? Or, is the combined speaker capacity 300 Watts (150 per speaker), meaning that the amp is too weak? Or have I misunderstood the concept completely? Thanks for your replies.
  2. Update. Went to the store and bought a multimeter. Removed the front panel and disconnected the tweeter. Tested using the following procedure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpdKpnz8h64 I guess both tweeters are dead and need to be replaced, as expected. Thanks for your input.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I can acquire a multimeter to test this. Is there a good procedure to follow when doing this? I picture something like this: 1. Carefully remove the front cover and try not to disconnect any internal wires. --> Am I at risk of messing up the crossover or the bass elements when doing so? 2. Remove the tweeter wires from the crossover and measure the electrical resistance over the tweeter. --> Question: Are the wires clipped or soldered on? Or in other words, will I be able to reconnect the wires after measuring with a multimeter? 3. Should be no reading if blown? (broken coil) 4. Reassemble 5. Acquire new tweeters. Am I missing any important steps, or picturing the procedure incorrectly? Again, Thanks.
  4. Hi. I´m just got my old RF82 (assuming Mk. 1 as they are roughly 10 years old) speakers out of storage and decided to give them a go again. However, I am not able to get any sound out of the tweeters. Both sides are completely dead. The bass elements are working fine. After switching channels on my amplifier there is no change. I am therefore relatively confident that it is not a problem with the amplifier. I also tried to remove the jumper and only connect the speaker wire to the tweeter input on the back of the speakers --> no sound at all. Could it be that both tweeters are blown and have to be replaced? Am I missing something obvious? I do not have much knowledge about stereo systems. Thanks for any help.
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