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  1. @charbuggie Is this something you could ship or local only?
  2. All, for better or worse I live nowhere near this GA estate sale I came across, but I feel like somebody on this forum needs to check it out and report back.. and/or buy these speakers. This estate sale in Georgia this weekend, 10/11, 10/12, lists 1980 Belles, 1980 LaScalas, and Klipschorns of unspecified vintage. Somebody pick them up and report back --- https://www.estatesales.net/GA/Eastanollee/30538/2329017
  3. @Mighty Favog how recently? Also did you replace the caps and upgrade the tweeters per @Emile suggestion with Bob Crites? Just trying to scope out the cost of doing that... @Emile maybe you can weigh in here?
  4. Hello, highly interested in these speakers and I am in the Chicago area. I am new to the forum - is there a way to contact you directly? Thank you in advance.
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