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  1. Cats..."The other white meat" Thanks for showing the pics of a beautiful Heresy IV nonetheless.
  2. What are running with the Cornscalas? I have a pair of type B on the way from Crites.
  3. These are a steal. Music Direct has them "On Closeout" for $5,500. Love to own them but still saving.
  4. Wow. Nice photo. I have never seen a Cornwall in person although I have an interest in the CW IV. I have owned Heresy before and the size comparison in the photo is impressive. Anyway, what a dream system you have!
  5. Just bumped them outta my price range..............will we see a "purge" of CW III with users for the new ones on the used and demo market?
  6. Thanks Gary. Yes, it should say the MA5300. I have 2 choices for rooms to listen in. One room will be very small, under 700 Cubic feet. The ceiling is a drop ceiling of acoustic tiles, carpeted and drywalled. The large room I have is the family room with vaulted ceilings, carpeted and very open floor plan (2300 cubic feet). The latter I feel is unsuitable because it is a family room, "airy", upstairs, wives, grandkids et.al. I do want bass without the need of a sub woofer and that ruled out Heresey (I've owned 2 different pairs in the past). I've also considered the new JBL L100 classic as a candidate, but really have my eyes more on the Cornwall III for the bass response. I should mention that I also have a hearing disability (50% loss of HF with 24/7 Tinnitus from Military Service). So, hearing aids are a must as well otherwise I'm listening to dull muddy sound. Currently I am running a Marantz 5010 AV Surround receiver driving a 20 year old pair of Polk Rt 2000i in the large room. I have not set up the room for HT and I am more interested in music. he Polk's sound like crap for music.
  7. Opinions wanted on this combo for pure, unadulterated, 70's-80's Classic Rock & R&B. Anyone have a combo like this? Otherwise recommended Integrated Amps with the Cornwall?
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