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  1. Sounds almost like it was added with a sound editor.
  2. Chumley is a crank. I wouldn't print and wipe my a$$ with her opinion.
  3. I recently retired after 34 years in Law Enforcement. This crime had nothing to do with "political arguments" or a "hostile tone". It was about common thuggery so prevalent in our urban areas. It too is spreading throughout the country and is emboldened by a failure of many systems in society.
  4. Price drop to $2200 OBO. Pick up in Madison WI only.
  5. Bump. Still available $2500 or BO. For local pick up only.
  6. I'm sure it is nice gear but I'm looking elsewhere. Thanks for the heads up nonetheless.
  7. Understood. I was raised in Janesville and would not pay shipping. I'm just looking into options for myself now so I can break away from my MacBook.
  8. Where are you located? I’m in Madison and would like details/photos. Thanks, Eric
  9. I bought both JRiver and Audirvana. Audirvana is easier to use than JRiver but JRiver gives you many, many options. I Also use a MacBook Pro which is more difficult to work with those files as they have to be streamed as DOP which is another curveball. I stream to my McIntosh MA8900 via USB2 audio. It works very well for DSD 128 and higher bitrate PCM (384k). Could I possibly tell the difference between the two formats? Probably not. What I have learned is that the recording itself as well as the type of music really are the determining factor in HiRes audio.
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