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  1. Thanks for the info. So the only veneer would be on the front edge of birch plywood I guess?
  2. After I removed the paint I did sand with 220 paper before staining
  3. After I removed the paint I did sand with 220 paper and used a tac cloth before staining.
  4. I stripped the polyurethane and paint with a commercial grade remover. I picked up a cheap plastic scraper made for this, it worked much better than a putty knife. I ended up staining with an Early American Min Wax stain and topped with two coats of Williamsville Wax. I rubbed the wax (with the grain) in with a 00 steel wool then buffed with the grain using a 0000 steel wool. I went back to the natural wood veneer but painted the front edge trim and the risers a satan black. Looks sharp and crisp in my opinion.. did I say I love these speakers and they sound fantastic. I will post pictures on a separate post. For some reason when I post photos with text it gets messed up.. not a Tech person. Mark
  5. Thanks, now I start on the second speaker.
  6. I hear a slight static sound coming from one of my 1988 Cornwall II. It only appears with a female voice at a certain range. I’m not a sound tech so I am having difficulty explaining my situation. I think it’s coming from the mid range. Any insight is appreciated.
  7. Merrymaking The crossover issue has my attention, I was told by a Klipsch dealer the Chorus crossovers were installed during the time the Cornwalls were discontinued and it was a lateral move. I decided to finish the first speaker with a bees wax and keep the original veneer that was hidden under black paint and a very bad coats
  8. I removed the polyurethane and black paint and found a veneer. Not sure what kind it is but I think with proper sanding and care I can bring back close to original look. I’m ok with a little wear after 31 years. I still have to remove the old stuff from the rest of this and the second speaker. I'm open to any thoughts or tips on how keep this vintage look if I don’t find any major issue as I move forward. Thanks
  9. I know you said to do top and sides only, why not the face if all components are removed? Any concern about doing the front edges of side panels that face the front of the speaker? Sorry if I’m asking bad questions.
  10. I talked with customer support at Klipsch and sent pictures, Zach is going to take them to the older guys in the shop to get their opinion. Above and beyond customer service. I think you are right about the finish. I’ll post what I hear from Klipsch. Thanks again!
  11. i removed the midrange horn and found a tag showing the cabinet inspection in Jan 1988. I could also see the cut around the horn and don’t see any signs of a veneer. see any veneer.
  12. I’m thinking it is a furniture grade plywood under the polyurethane and paint.
  13. I heard of that, they are not there. I took the speakers to a Klipsch Dealer in Williamsport, Pa and was told the reason there are no serial numbers is because they would have been stamped on the original back plate. Since they were replaced with Chorus crossovers which are just components not a complete speaker system there would not be serial numbers stamped. I was also told that the Chorus crossovers should be a seen as a slight upgrade. Would that be true. To Carlthess40, I am located in York, Pa. thanks for all the tips and advice.
  14. I don’t have serial numbers since the original panels were updated with Chorus units back in 1990. Sorry I couldn’t rotate the photo.
  15. I have 1988 Cornwall IIs with the black finish. A prior owner applied a bad application of polyurethane and I need to fix it. I don’t know what is under the black veneer or is it a furniture grade plywood? Any tips on how to fix this issue is appreciated.
  16. I have a pair of Cornwall’s that I believe are from the mid 80’s. The midrange was replaced with a Chorus K57k. I don’t have any information on the outside of the units, would there be any serial numbers or other information inside the units?
  17. There are no tags on the back at least on the outside. The midrange horns were replaced with Chorus units so they don't have serial numbers. Would there be any information on the inside of the units? thanks for the tip regarding moving this to a new thread.
  18. I just purchased used Cornwall’s vintage 1988. They are black and it looks like they might have been painted in the past. Bottom line I want to sand down to the veneer and refinish them. I understand I need to be careful not to go through the veneer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.. Mark
  19. Thanks for the input. I will make this a winter project and let you know how they turned out.
  20. Thanks for everyone’s input. Here’s what I have, Cornwall’s with updated Chorus midrange horns. I took them to a Klipsch dealer and he figured it out for me. I am very happy with them but want to clean up the cabinets since somebody painted them black. These are 1988 or 89 speakers, does anyone have experience with fixing the finish or letting me know what to expect? Mark
  21. I just purchased a pair of what I was told were Cornwall’s but the information on the back near the plugs say they are Chorus speakers. The plate has patent information saying 1988. I have no serial numbers but everything other than the plate reading Chorus leads me to believe they are Cornwall’s. They are 37 1/2” H x 25 1/4” W x 15 1/2” D. I bought them from a friend who had them in storage, they sound great and I love them but I am confused as to what they are. Any help is appreciated.
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