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  1. I have a pair of Cornwall’s that I believe are from the mid 80’s. The midrange was replaced with a Chorus K57k.  I don’t have any information on the outside of the units, would there be any serial numbers or other information inside the units?

  2. Thanks for everyone’s input.  Here’s what I have, Cornwall’s with updated Chorus midrange horns. I took them to a Klipsch dealer and he figured it out for me. I am very happy with them but want to clean up the cabinets since somebody painted them black. These are 1988 or 89 speakers, does anyone have experience with fixing the finish or letting me know what to expect? 



  3. I just purchased a pair of what I was told were Cornwall’s but the information on the back near the plugs say they are Chorus speakers. The plate has patent information saying 1988. I have no serial numbers but everything other than the plate reading Chorus leads me to believe they are Cornwall’s. They are 37 1/2” H x 25 1/4” W x 15 1/2” D. I bought them from a friend who had them in storage, they sound great and I love them but I am confused as to what they are. Any help is appreciated.


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