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  1. I think I opened up the Speaker Wire Connector Terminals Can O' Worms. Not entirely unexpected, though. A big thank you to all your opinions and comments. I find them to be very helpful, which is really what I'm after. Feel free to keep them coming, if you do not find them a waste of time. I especially like the copper bar idea. Do you connect them to your amp and speakers with Super Glue, or will Elmer's work ok? I do have some generic Scotch Tape as well. I heard it has minimal signal loss. And it's archival as well. I'm certain that helps, too.
  2. any suggestions for Manufacturer on the banana plug connectors? And, any thoughts as well for the pin connectors for the spring clips?
  3. Hello all. My 1st post on the Forums. This subject may very well have been discussed before. If so, please post a link that I might follow.... Are the 5-way binding posts universal, size wise, across most of the Klipsch line? I'm trying to terminate my 12 gauge speaker cable, and have been looking at high quality banana plugs as an option. (any suggestions as to decent plugs would be appreciated). There seems to be a few different options, diameter-wise, for the plug end themselves, and so I want to get the size right before I buy. Older Monster mini bananas work, but wont accept the 12G speaker wire. Makes me wonder if there is a "standard" size for bananas, and if so, would they be too large for my speakers. I can either pop the cap off of the end of the post, and use that, or use the opening at the base of the post. Kind of depends on how I'm going to position the speakers in my home. I have a modest HT system I'm setting up (14M, 25C, 12SWi, 14S), with an older Denon receiver with spring clips (don't laugh) that I'm using temporarily, as my older receiver gave up the ghost. (I'd also take recommendations on straight pin connectors/terminals that will work with 12G cable for the spring clips. Many don't. I have a tight space for cable management behind the receiver) Basically, I have the time and desire to try out different cable terminals and see which one works best for my purposes. Any help, suggestions or recommendations would be gratefully appreciated.
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