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  1. You do not want to know how much time I have spent arranging those glasses so that they don't rattle against each other. Actually, as long as they aren't bunched up too closely, it only rattles things when I turn thing up so loud the speakers drown it all out anyway. Thanks on the cabinet. It was from the first set of furniture my grandparents bought for their first apartment together so quite old (late 20s/early 30s I believe). Sadly, I will be looking to replace it soon as the veneer is chipping and peeling off in a couple spots (you can see at the top of the doors in the photo what I mean). I'm hoping some negotiations over the location of most of those glasses can get them placed elsewhere once I find appropriate replacement furniture... or figure out how to repair that old white wood grain finish.
  2. By the way, just because I'm sure people like seeing the speakers out in the wild, these just showed up today... Thanks Cory.
  3. Thanks everyone. Now I know why so many people around here say to just get in touch with Cory. Now I just have to try to be patient until they are ready. Not gonna be easy.
  4. Thanks a ton. I'll give it a shot.
  5. New guy here. Just last week I heard a pair of Klipsch Forte IIIs and was blown away. Then I looked at the price tag and was blown away again. Not saying they aren't worth it, just out of my range right now. I've wanted some higher end Klipsch speakers for a long time and hearing the Fortes got me thinking it's time for me to do a serious upgrade of my system for the long haul (I've had my current speakers for over 20 years and expect these to stay put at least as long, assuming I last that long). So, I'm looking for a used pair in cherry, may be open to other finishes but pretty set on the cherry or the California black walnut (which I know is less likely available). I would like to stay around $1,700 - $1,800 which I know isn't a ton, but I've searched around for sold items online and it does happen right around that range for used so I figured it would be worth at least asking here. Hope looking for a good deal isn't too frowned upon. I'm in St. Louis and would need to find something within driving distance (say 3-4 hours) or something that can be shipped safely/affordably and preferably something that can be paid for with PayPal. Yup, a lot to ask but I'm in no hurry and if nothing turns up, no big deal. I'll start saving and increase the budget eventually. Looking at this for the long haul so if I get a pair next year instead of this, I'm good. By the way, really nice forum you have around here, been trying to learn what I can poking around. Once I get the speakers in place I'll have to get serious about an amplifier upgrade as well.
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