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  1. I record as PWK did...and I have his notes and original hand draw diagrams. Actually rather easy to explain but you need good ears. 1. Two mikes, coincidental, placed where your ears want to be. 2. Highest possible resolution. The mikes should be omni or figure eight pattern. Beyond that, PWK...and I...always ensure the recording is in the best acoustics possible. The surrounding space is a critical part of every recording. Dave
  2. Most of us find K'horns beautiful. WAF can be an issue. Fact is, for best possible sound on the planet there is NO substitute. If I thought they were ugly as sin I'd still have them. Maybe for music lovers if it sounds awesome, it looks awesome. Dave
  3. Checked into that first. Yuba City is the lowest COL I've seen in CA. Apartments not much more than TXK. And, absolutely, we'll get together. Dave
  4. Thanks, Travis. Yes, pretty awesome...especially the work. However, I intend to keep my hat in the ring closer to home. Much to like about CA, but it might as well be overseas from here. Dave
  5. Thanks, Jeff. I am excited, but will continue to look for something as lucrative closer to home. CA is very nice, but just too far away. Dave
  6. You will always be welcome in my home, my friend. Still have many unfinished discussions. Dave
  7. As posted in Announcements, Pilgrimage 2020 planning is underway and an agenda will be posted soon. As Roy posted in Announcements, it will remain Forum driven and procedures instituted to elect a new committee member for next year and into the future so no one gets run down and to ensure continued Forum leadership. Christy is drawing up procedures and such to pass on to the new members which will simplify carrying on. New event locations in Hope will be used, but the old ones will remain as well. Stay tuned! Dave
  8. Secret only. No drug test required. Wouldn't matter as I've had none in years. Dave
  9. Thanks all. I rather doubt anything will throw up a red flag in my background. It's only secret, and I had that in the Army. Dave
  10. No question, Elden. Military drones are very cool indeed. Dave
  11. Should be fun, Elden. I'll keep my hat in the ring for positions closer to home. Easier to get a job when you have one. Dave
  12. I knew that...but just like you I couldn't resist. Dave
  13. In my case, all pay and no work. 😂 Actually, they will get more from me than the average government employee...but I've been told my only function is to oversee contractors and see that they do their jobs. Not much work there... Dave
  14. Well, to answer both your questions, you are welcome to come visit for as long as you like. Much to see and do nearby...and legal weed besides if your tastes run that way. As to the house, I will keep it for a while in case my son decides to go to school here, in which case he will rent it. Dave
  15. Yes, it's very close. Dave
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