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  1. Probably still around on EBay and such. Since the styli are still available, worth looking for if you want quality at a low price. Dave
  2. As mentioned in my post, the Stanton used permanent magnets to float the turntable, using a spindle with a hardened needle point to keep it centered. Turning was achieved by a metal one inch or so protrusion about six inches in diameter that was powered by a 32 pole (as I recall) electromagnet with sequenced charges. Price was 98.00 with 681EEE. Dave
  3. 2800 more than the Stanton GyroPoise which was the best bang for the buck TT I ever owned. Came with a 681EEE and levitated. Granted, there was mech contact via a spindle, but it was on a needlepoint. Loved that thing! Served me for years and can't recall what I did with it, but don't recall it failing. Probably gave it away at some point or traded it. Dave
  4. Listened to the classic rock pieces, Elvis, Fats Domino, and so many others on a 78 jukebox of this vintage that was in the cafe next door to my dad's business. I those days of no AC, the doors were usually open. Dave
  5. I wouldn't have worried over the pots. All Fraziers I have that feature them I run them in the middle, null mode anyway and the speakers are awesome. Dave
  6. Here you go. My opinion be better than Heresy. Not by much, but a bit more bass and somewhat smoother. At 96db/w/m efficiency, made for tubes or small class D. Great speaker and nice form factor, high WAF. Dave
  7. Hard to go wrong with Klipsch. I'd go with a sub, as even your present speakers will work well with more bottom. Properly matched, the sub will be inaudible and it all seamless. No need for fancy testing...if you know classical music well and what the "real thing" sounds like, just keep tweaking until you get to that perfect point where the sub disappears. Dave
  8. Pictures and a bit more info would help. Given the snarkiness (good natured, but snarky) here, someone is likely to answer "good chance it's copper." Dave
  9. That's the finest piano finish I've ever seen and one I'd love to be able to do. No time to see if you've revealed the precise steps in the finish, but hope you have...we'd all like to know. Dave
  10. No problem...but just leave those of us who have the 8 Commandments memorized and have absolute belief in Cord of Zip to our delusions. Dave
  11. Not what I meant. Klipsch engineers have told me that false corners built to their specs are as good as real ones. I was talking about the K'horn design itself. Yes, PWK thought the Jub was better...but it also violates his 8 card in size and cost. He always believed that the K'horn was the smallest, least expensive way to get solid response to C1. Dave
  12. No reason why other materials for the corner wouldn't work as long as they are fully reflective rather than absorptive. You might also put some large diameter balloon wheels on them to make it easier to move them around outside. Dave
  13. There is no alternative or PWK would have built it that way. Dave
  14. Mallette

    Kreepy Klipsch

    My experience, reposted from Facebook. The place I believe we were is marked with the small round grey pointer. At that time it was near virgin wilderness. Decided to post this on my timeline as it's real and vivid. Was it the Fouke Monster or a Panther? I don't know as I never saw whatever made a scream in the woods that night that frightened me, my friends, and fearless hunting dogs to our bones. But this is how I described it to Pamula Pierce Barcelou. I met her father before he made the movie when, for reasons I can't recall, he'd visit KTFS radio on Stateline when I worked there about 1970. I include an image I am certain is within a square mile where the incident I describe occurred. At that time, it was heavily wooded and has since been used as toilet paper. I suspect the beastie, if still around, has moved on. The little grey marker on the lower right of center is what I believe to be the old logging road we were at in 1966. "Just watched your entire interview with Jeffery Gonzalez. Filled me in on so much I didn't know. I found it fascinating that both of you were speaking of all the stir about the early 70's sightings. Me and my grade school friends were all fully, and largely accurately, aware of the Fouke Monster in the 50s. In about 1966 high school friends and I went hunting in the Artex Hills off what is now Miller County 18 and then a logging road that went into the back woods. To keep this short as I am sure you've heard many such stories, we parked and had all gotten out our vehicles. We had not let the dogs out but where basically getting our shotguns in readiness. "Hunting" then meant anything you could eat, or might eat you. Wolves, rabbits, deer, whatever. We had no fear and were all seasoned woodsmen. We had four massive trained hunting dogs that would have attacked a bear without a thought. They were in an old Chevy with the backseat removed. As we were milling around we heard a scream I cannot describe that felt like it was no more than 20 feet away in the woods that instilled a fear like I never had even confronted with VC in the Vietnam war. Without a word we all began discharging our shotguns in the same general directions. They were all loaded with buckshot or slugs and one simply heard at least 20 or so sequential explosions and the crash of small timber they cut off. It went silent and someone said "Turn loose the dogs, fer chrissake." We opened the back doors and heard nothing but a whimper. Someone shined a flashlight in on them and they were cowering on top of each. The immediate consensus was "Let's get the hell out of here..." which is precisely what we did. In later times, I decided as a rather scientific type that it was likely a very rare, but potentially possible, panther. Now, I must say I am not so sure." What did we encounter? I still don't know...but decide for yourselves and consider seeing "The Legend of Boggy Creek" in June. Certainly at least a great story of our region by two legends of our region, Pierce and the beast himself. Both well worth remembering.
  15. Mallette

    Kreepy Klipsch

    Yes. Fall of this year. Not sure precisely when but expect it to do very well indeed. Dave
  16. Mallette

    Kreepy Klipsch

    He's BAAACK... Privileged to a sneak preview of the remasterd "Legend of Boggy Creek" courtesy of the lovely and passionate Pamula Pierce Barcelou as we put the finishing touches on the lavishly illustrated 30 page official program this morning. Visually and acoustically, it will scare the pants off you and ensure that, when driving old 71 around Fouke at night, you have a full tank of gas and your car is in good order. It is clear that Charles B. Pierce may have begun this modestly and learned as he went, but he was NEVER an amateur. His groundbreaking work in docudrama established a genre and made this film a true classic with devoted fans all over the world. This is a great event and there are plenty of showings...but get there early because if history repeats itself there WILL be a line at every showing. The sound will be provided by Klipsch KI-396 speakers supported by a massive 1802 subwoofer courtesy of Klipsch Group, Inc and the Klipsch Museum of Audio History. Setup and tuning of the system by Paul W. Klipsch's former chief engineer Jim Hunter. Hold on to your seats, and your lunch! http://www.texarkanagazette.com/news/features/story/2019/jun/07/remastered-legend-boggy-creek-premieres-next-weekend-perot/781896/ https://joebobbriggs.net/the-last-drive-in-exclusive-the-belle-of-the-bog-pt-1/
  17. Haven't done a thing, Ian, except respond to a report from a Forum member. I took a quick look and didn't much care for the content of a few posts but, as I said, I am worn out and don't want to make a bad judgment. Hence, just a suggestion that if anyone has doubts about what they've said here it's a good time to edit the before Chad and other mods review. Yawl have fun and I leave it to the other mods to take a look as I am going to bed. Dave
  18. Folks, I have too much to do to sort through this entire swamp and determine, if anyone, should be banned, warned, or moderated. But I am certainly about to refer the entire moderation team to it to review so if you wish to edit your posts now is the time. Dave
  19. We normally don't approve first posts that contains links. However, I took the time to follow yours and both the site and the question appear legitimate. Dave
  20. Apologies...memory was wrong. Recorded 1958. Can't locate any info on the Cook record, just on Vanguard and Bach Guild re-releases later in the '60s. Going to keep looking for the one that I have. Might add that my sister bought a portable stereo record player in 1959. She didn't spring for the extra speaker so I didn't hear stereo for a couple of more years. My mom purchased an RCA console in about 1963, which I upgraded the speakers in about 1965 with a pair of Voice of Music drivers I took from my high school and replaced with the ones from the RCA. MUCH improved! Didn't get a life of crime habit, but did get the upgrade bug which has never been cured. Dave
  21. My oldest, and one of the best, stereo recordings is from 1956. Recorded at the 1956 Gabrieli Festival at St. Marks in Venice. Pretty extraordinary... Dave
  22. Well, read the whole thread as I also am a major cast iron user. I have a shortcake pan dated 1856 and a huge griddle that's been in the family at least 75 years. I use no soap or water. My mom taught me to simply rinse while at cooking temperature in cold water. Comes perfectly clean and needs only a wipe with a towel. I haven't had to re season one in decades. As to bacon fat, I save and use every drop of the stuff. Essential for southern milk gravy, seasoning many green vegies, browning meat, etc. Have to eat a lot of bacon to keep the supply up. Of course, bacon fat basted fried eggs are the best. Cholesterol? Humbug... My doctor says my cholesterols aren't just good, but stellar. So is my weight. My grandmother was eating pure pork fat at 100 years old and had all her life. Maybe it's heredity, but I find all the talk about the virtues of vegetable oil and such to be rubbish. Back to cast iron, even more in love with it on an induction surface. Heats in maybe 2 minutes and I am able to simmer with no danger of scorching. Love it! Dave
  23. I think you will get some answers here. Dave
  24. Seriously abused, but as Andy said, reparable with input from this group and some labor. You will be very proud of these with some effort. Dave
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