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  1. I just picked up a Sherwood S5000 and was wondering if anyone is familiar with these. My question is the knob on the right which has the power off, normal,stereo rev, mono S1,S2,S1-2 which mode should I be using to play stereo on with 2 speakers. I could not find much info on the web hence my post here any help would be very much appreciated. BTW powering some Belles with it and it sounds really.
  2. Real Genuine crazy Jack Russell she was actually looking out the window for something to bark at...lol
  3. Thanks for the tips ! 6 Khorns wow
  4. Update Refinished wood and new cane style grills..Added ct120 tweeters 55G mids and A crossovers I may upgrade the crossovers down the line just didnt have anymore big bucks to spend on it at the moment. Driving them with A Scott 340A sounded very nice I feel like I gave them new life they were pretty ratty when I got them.
  5. John A, I am definitely going to recap after I refinish them.. And I really appreciate your suggestion on the crossovers. You guys are all helpful and friendly and I thank you all.
  6. Yes sir she is still my best friend going on 30 years..The hats were unbolted in that picture so they may have been out of the bolt holes the guy I bought them from was a super nice guy but not super tidy or detail orientated I think you are right on the walnut finish some of it is sun faded there are spots where someone spilled water or maybe beer 🍺 on it and it ran down the side. I think I am going to put new veneer on the edges and then refinish them both and install new grill fabric.
  7. Thank you, I picked them up in Mill Valley California.
  8. Thank you ! Like I said I always wanted a pair thankfully I have an awesome wife who puts up with all my Hi jinks.
  9. No problem I paid 900.00 found them on ebay they were 1300.00 buy it now or make offer I offered 900 they were 15 mins from my house so it was an easy decision. They look all orig to me and sounded decent although the seller demoed with a pretty beat up Kenwood reciever. I opened them up and they have the Original woofers. I plan on cleaning them up new veneer on the edges and new grill fabric seller had a cat and the sides are wasted. They look like no one ever cared for them full of spider webs and dust they need some Love Might put a light stain on them and some new crossovers. Thank you for the warm welcomes.😃
  10. Hello I just picked up my first set of Klipschorns the serial number is missing on the stickers as well as the finish type I did find these numbers is it possible to determine the finish from these? These are a little rough they need a bit of veneer repair and alot of clean up but I got them for a decent price . Ive always wanted a set since my high school days.. Thanks for any help in advance. Jeff
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