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  1. I'm not a big fan of small woofers also and they are a bit out of my price range. The RC 62 II is on sale new for $225 also, so in my budget! One of my questions in my mind is the tech has changed since 2010, but don't know for the better. Titanium dome tweeters back then? It has been so long since my last sound upgrade that I've lost touch with the tech. I just remember I've always wanted a Klipsch system. I am hearing that this is a great sounding speaker, so I'm hoping for great things that I can hear without juggling the volume . Anyone's thoughts on the above?
  2. I had a mid 90s 5.1 setup and still have the original LCR pioneer cs-r780 3-way 2 tweeters, midrange and a 12 inch woofer large mains that still sound great! I am going with Klipsch for upgrades. I just got a pair of R-15Ms for side or rear (I've heard rumors in this forum that they make better rear speakers than sides) and new pioneer elite av receiver. My concern at the moment is the center speaker. I cant hear much of anything out of it unless I crank it up and could use some advice. Can't fit larger 4 woofer speakers in my open tv shelf unit, so need maybe rc-62 ii or newer r-25c or RP-250C? Any comments would be of great help...I really need to hear the center (dialogue) in movies when it gets quiet!
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