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  1. Would it spark any interest if] I drop to 1800 obo?
  2. I am open to offers, if that is what matters? Also, I discovered that my Heresy II's were really just Heresy's, so that is a bit of an update.
  3. I'm still trying to figure out the pics, if you are interested in seeing them please email me at litsnsirn@gmail.com until I get it sorted out.
  4. I have a pair of 1975 Belles in the Milwaukee area, serial numbers 1&2 if I remember correctly. Been mine for more that 30 years and I never thought I'd be doing this but it has occurred to me that they don't really fit with my life anymore and I haven't even had them hooked up in seven years. Lacquered walnut, will need restoration and veneer work. K77 hi's and K55M mid's, with AB-2 crossovers. I will have some pics up as soon as I figure out how. $2000 obo I also have a pair of Heresy II's that were my rear speakers and a SW12 from when this was my home theater.
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