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  1. hey guys, i bought the rp 600m and now im having much fun testing the speakers, finding good positioning, break-in, etc. I also have an roland jd xi synth. My question is if its safe for the speakers play the synth with them or it's more apropriate have a dedicad amp. I mean about the frequencies, this would cause some damaged for the woofer or the hornet? thanks
  2. thanks Bill, in fact now im doubt with the pm6004 or a nad 316 bee v2, after some reviews
  3. Hey friends, i bought a pair of 600m and now im looking for a amp. I have an opportunity to get an second hand marantz pm6004 with a nice price. So, what do u guys think about this amp with the klipsch? Besides, Its 45 watts but the speakers are 100, i know about the sensitive, but its really safe (will drive)? Tanks a lot
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