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  1. Hi - sorry have not been back to respond. Thanks to the forum pros for answering the questions. The subs were built in 2001. They are cylinders, a little over three feet tall. They were hidden nicely by my Chorus. Sorry just can't ship them.
  2. Update - RS-3 are SOLD Reduced price on SVS subs and amp. Thanks.
  3. Update - KLF-C7 is SOLD. Others still available.
  4. New user but longtime reader of the forums, have some pieces for sale and wanted to give you all first look before I try an online marketplace. Klipsch KLF-C7 center channel speaker (medium oak) $250 SOLD Pair Klipsch RS-3 surround speakers (black) $125 SOLD Pair SVS 20-39CS subs and Behringer EP2000 amp $425 NEW PRICE $350 SOLD Thanks everyone!
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