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  1. Hello, My post was probably too short. I appreciate some digital amps for these qualities, but at the end I miss something related to the tones that don't have enough colors and variety (for my tastes). From this perspective I prefer usually SET amps, but you are right, what you win on tones and low level, you loose it on other parts. It's a choice. With the Spec, which is also a D class but with an analog implementation, it seems that you have the best of the both worlds: zero noise, dynamic, strong bass, nice low level and a colorful sound (rich tones). I am just at the beginning with this amp, so it needs to be confirmed when the system will be setup correctly, but what I have today is very promising. I should received a better source these days. Let's see. Best Ugo
  2. Hello, for people interested by class d, you can also have a look on spec Corp, Japanese company, with guys that have SET background. it does not sound digital at all and from some point of view more like set amps. Deang it could be for you, they also use Arizona caps.. i have one at home, 60w integrated. Too early to give a feedback as I still don’t have a valuable source, but it seems to have great qualities. Could le be a really interesting solution for everyone who search great amp, easy to use, avoid hot runner with set sound in upper range. Best ugo
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