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  1. hey JJ, within an hour and a half, I'm east of KC about 40 minutes or so
  2. I'm looking to reach out to other audiophiles who might want to share this common interest of the love of great sounding music, it's definitely more fun to share a common interests with others who enjoy something as much as yourself, I don't have all of the exotic equipment that most have, but I'm very happy with every i have! hope to hear from a few who might want to share this crazy love for great sounding music, i know I'm not the only one out here Thanks
  3. I did go to my local audio store i have been dealing with sense i was very young, i checked on a Rotel 200wpc it was 1500.00, and an Anthem 250wpc was 1800.00, i think i did ok with this Carver, but who knows without buying each one and trying it I did play with it last night, had the house to myself for awhile, i just hooked it up to see the difference without changing anything last weekend, i pulled some of the bass out, i had to add a little with just the reciever before, made a big difference, it gave me quite a bit more headroom on the amp, wow! There's the db's, it gave me a little more room to turn it up if i feel like i want to completely ruin my hearing! Having alot of fun learning what these epics were designed to do!
  4. I appreciate the input guys, well i bit the bullet, and last Saturday i drove 3 hours to Des Moines and purchased an amp,i ended up buying the Carver M1.5t , he came off the price quite a bit so i went for it, supposed to be 350 wpc, i couldn't wait to get back home and get it hooked up, of course this is my first experience with any amplifiers, i am blown away and disappointed at the same time lol, i was figuring on it being louder than i could possibly stand sense i went from 110 wpc to 350 wpc, but that doesn't seem to be the case, but holy @$$$=÷#$</÷!!!, i have never heard the low end on these epics! Wooow! It knocked a set of keys and a picture off of the fireplace mantel DOWN STAIRS in our bedroom! I don't really need the sub with this kind of bottom end, as far as being louder, it might be a couple of db's louder, I'm disappointed, i do understand, so I'm told, it takes serious power to gain just a few db's, but i did more than double it, don't get me wrong, it's freaking scary loud! But i can have the top lights on the meter blinking and they say (600 watts rms headroom exausted ) and seem like they just want more power, it's mostly the bass drum and low frequencies that makes the meter lights touch the headroom exausted level, and that's about half volume on the reciever, on parts of a song where things change and the lights are only moving about half of the scale you can add some volume until you get close to the headroom exausted and then the loudness or db's have got to be dangerously loud! But it is just as clear as if it were at half the volume! It's probably a good thing im running out of amp, because i know there would be times i would turn it up just a little more! If these version 3's are the worst of them i sure would love to hear the first versions some day! Im sure I'll hear the goods and the bads about all of this, but i just had to tell people like myself who still enjoy listening to their music loud, like it was meant to be!
  5. I find a couple of different amps within about a 3 hours from me on cl, I'm sure either would be a great fit, there is this Adcom for 550.00 (This ADCOM GFA-555 is a rare classic. You will not find many of these for sale since the lucky people who own them, keep them! The design and power is second to none. At 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms, this baby will light up any quality speakers. This is the original Nelson Pass design. It's a HIGH CURRENT two channel amp. Adcom named it their “Great F-ing Amplifier” for a reason. The awesome sound stage and clean audio with super low THD, will blow you away. It will hold its own) and this Carver Carver M 1.5T Amplifier rated 350 W/Ch RMS@8 Ohm & 700 W/Ch Dynamic He - $700 -This is THE Carver amplifier everyone who knows desires and and is always hunting for. Pair it up with the notable Carver C1 preamp and you’ll never want / need to upgrade ever again. Because there is nowhere to upgrade unless you want to buy some Mcintosh $50,000 setup. This amp was the direct result of the famous Carver challenge where he used one of his amps and copied a Mark Levinson amp sonically so that even the trained audiophiles at Stereophile magazine couldn’t identify which was which by listening to it. Carvers made some amazing pieces of audio gear over the past 40 years like his 7” cube amps that run 200x2 or 500 x 1 and only weigh 14lbs, or his 11” square sealed True Subwoofer pushing 2700 wpc rms and some of the old Phase Linear gear but this is his best work and one of the best sounding amplifier he ever designed. This is the 2 Channel amplifier made by Carver that everyone wants. Just look on eBay at all the people offering modification, updates, etc for this amp. But, if you are hunting the M-1.5t then you probably already know all of the above and are wondering if you finally found it. Don’t let someone grab it while you are pinching yourself to make sure it’s not a dream. 🙂 I think either would be fantastic!
  6. Hey Emile, sounds good if you will hand deliver it to my door😁 i have looked at the crown and other pro stuff, but don't they have different type inputs, like quarter turns or something like it?
  7. Hey Shiva, yes im near Kansas city, i look pretty much everyday, hoping to find at least 200 per channel, the only ones affordable are not much more than i already have, there has benn a couple but way outta my price reach, really nice one on there now but it's 2200.00,i can buy something new for that, but i keep looking, just seen a set of black version 3 cf4's in topeka last week fir 950, already gone lol, thanks for the input
  8. Yea EpicKlipshFan,i totally understand everything you are saying, im well aware of distortion killing a speaker, i don't do distortion lol, i like to think i have a good ear for listening to audio, i mostly listen to music dvd's, some are good some aren't and some are very well recorded, some sound excellent at only half volume and is extremely loud, some i can turn the volume up close to wide open to get the same effect, all due to how it is recorded of coarse, but i don't get distortion even when it's at level, but it is really working the amp, that's usually when the overload prevention happens, I've always been a Sony fan, i think for the money they make pretty good stuff, i can't afford the high dollar stuff that some have, but let me tell you this little reciever loves these speakers! I am a big believer in an EQ, every recording is different and it really shows with these cf4's, i tweak just about everything i am playing, i think that also helps with distortion to some extent, some things i listen to in 2 channel and some surround, i picked up a M.L. 12 inch 500 watt sub of CL a few months ago, my last one was toasted by lightning, wasn't on a protector, i missed it, but man, this sub fills in the bottom seamlessly, glad to hear some still enjoy the vers.3's , like i mentioned, i have never heard the others, but it's hard to imagine anything sounding much better, after all most 25 years i am still in love with them, and i think they sound as good as they ever have, definitely looking for an amp tho, thanks guy's, any opinions are always welcome
  9. Hey glens, the only thing i have done with them is pulled a horn out to look at the wiring hoping it was clear monster type cable, no such luck of coarse, short tubes, colored wires, not great news, but i do still love the way they sound, not sure more power would do much for them sense they are the vers.3,i do know the 110 is really working hard, the sony has shut down in protection mode from being over worked many times lol, they just want more power!
  10. Thanks Emile, I know there are some huge differences in amps, I guess im not smart enough to know why there is even such a thing as a 35 watt amp, i just don't know alot about the technical part of it, i guess a true 35 watt high end tube amp must have a more pure warm sound compared to my 600 watt Sony, it's just something i don't have much experience with
  11. I have seen there are quite a few upgrades thst can be done to these, thought about doing a few simple ones like the dynamat or silicone on the horn abs stiffening the woofer struts, maybe adding some poly foam or try lengthening the port tubes,but not sure if it will make enough difference without doing all of the upgrades such as the drivers and crossovers, those would be the things i would have trouble doing not quite understanding what needs to be replaced or where to get the parts i would need to do it right so for now i am looking for an amp thst will take these to the next level i have yet to hear and go from there, any input or suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks
  12. Hello, i have been looking at this forum for awhile and decided i would join and share my thoughts, i guess im one of the lucky ones,i bought my vers.3 cf4's new in like 95 and have been enjoying them ever sense, i can't imagine what the version 1 and 2's would be like! These version 3's will hurt you! It is almost unbearably loud! And i love it loud! It is crisp and clear in every detail, you close your eyes and its like they are sitting in the room in front of you, you can hear every detail , the cymbols, the snare, piano, is all there separately, There are times when a song is done and i just smile, shake my head and go wow after all these years of listening to them, and im only running a Sony DE5ES with 110 watts per channel, i agree with some comments i have seen that if it's not a good quality recording it certainly reflects even more so with these epics,i have music and dvd's i don't even bother listening to because, well why bother, it's like watching a tube tv over a high def tv, what's the point lol, i really want to add an amplifier and see what these things will really do before i die! I have been looking on craigslist for a decent amp, not sure if 120 watt per channel amp will be a noticable difference from the 110 i have now, but i don't know alot about amplifiers except the ones i would like are ridiculously high! Hopefully i can find something decent worth the money i can try out soon, i can't imagine what they will do with more power ! They already sound epic!
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