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  1. Thanks @chris a , you've been super helpful. My questions wern't directed towards listening at a higher volume per se, but more at the size of the horns having a greater presence of sound effecting nearby rooms at the same decible as smaller nearfields.
  2. I also wanted to ask about directivity of the bass bin, since most of the sound is being directed through the front, how much is radiating off the rear of the cabinet? Considering my current speakers are rear ported and close to a wall, would the horn be directing a majority of the sound into the room and be quieter on the other side of a wall? Or would the cabinet itself radiate sound at a similar db to a ported speaker?
  3. I've got a few questions on lower decible listening on the Jubilee's. I understand that the jubes perform quite well at lower db, I do have roommates so this aspect is very appealing. However I have a few questions regarding size, perception of volume, immersion, and directivity. So let's say my current situation is listening to music at 80 db on Yamaha hs8 monitors in nearfield, if I were to be listening to jubes at the same decible, is it just a greater perception of immersion? Would horns of that size move enough air that it would radiate into surrounding rooms at the same db of smaller speakers? Or can I get expect similar db to be transmitted through walls floors etc as my current nearfield setup? Thoughts?
  4. Interesting, alot of the jubes I've seen on here don't have the the 402 lowered, but looking at your charts and your setup I will say I'm impressed, I can only assume your phase/time alignment takes the setup to another level. I'm still 4-6 months out before I can place an order, is Roy still the person to talk to about placing orders? I'm considering going with a passive setup until I have a means to properly tackle a bi amped setup, happen to know a ballpark on a passive crossover for the jubes? Any idea on what the impedance would come out to on a passive setup? I'd like to see my flea watt set amplifier get a bit more attention than it has been
  5. I don't believe so, I don't go out a whole lot anymore, most of the events here lack good taste or quality sound imo, so I pretty much stopped going.
  6. I live in Tucson arizona, the system does not need to be very transportable, I'd really only plan on taking it out a few times a year, I was thinking about building cabinets for the tops. It's primary purpose would be for home listening. And hopefully someday a more permanent installation. I'm still pretty young in my early 30s so the occasional transportation isn't that off putting. The total weight of my current setup is pretty similar, and it rarely gets used.
  7. I've been lurking on the forums for a few months reading about the June's, and I have a few questions, hopefully some of you guys can help me out here. I've been looking to consolidate some of my gear in hopes of having a system that can be multi purpose, and the jubes appear to be in the realm of possibility. What I mean by that is I'm hoping to have a set of speakers that offer fidelity in the home, but can also be used for smaller events (I'm a DJ, and occasionally host events with my current gear every couple months) my current setup is not extremely impressive, but passable (2 Samson 2400watt power amps, Samson crossover, ev force i215 cabs, jbl jrx 118 subs etc). I've looked at some other gear including funktion one, danley etc, but the pricepoint is a little out of my league considering I'm not running a live sound company. I'm interested in putting together more of a boutique HiFi vibe, than extreme club spl. Am I barking up the wrong tree here? I'd like to have a setup that can be utilized around my home in between gigs (which are few and far between). Thoughts?
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