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  1. I ended up picking up two sherbourn amps, model 5/5210a and an lds 1260. Very sharp looking units, and at 300 for the pair they were very reasonably priced.
  2. I also have been looking at some interesting local sales, there is an outlaw 5 channel amplifier within the the price range, but integrated seems more fitting for my needs. Also there is an Elan d1650 for peanuts that may fit my needs as a temporary solution ( the elan is a 16 channel class t amplifier) Thoughts?
  3. Hey guys, im looking for a little advice about amplification. Im looking for 3 stereo amplifiers under 500 total, i built a low powered set last year and have been very happy with the results so far. However i just bought an ev dc one, and am looking into tri-amping while i decide on a larger horn upgrade path. So during this process i need a few amplifier reccomendations that are affordable, and can be found on the used market easily. Ive read the crown d45's came well recommend, any other recommendations?
  4. Well, i picked up the dc one this week,and seems to be decent condition, the lcd has some burn in but everything else seems to function correctly.. Looking into affordable amplification, are crown d45's still being recommend?
  5. @Chris A Thanks for taking the time to provide as much information as you have for me and others on the forum. I definitely have quite a bit to chew on, but i am picking up the dc one this week, and hopefully sorting out affordable amplification soon. Edited for stupidity, has anyone been using your danley method of crossovers for the k510's in lascalas?
  6. Shoutout to the quadcities! i grew up and spent most my life there. Good luck with your sale.
  7. I@Chris A i'm strongly considering your meh recommendation, that topic has quite a bit to chew on, but i think the meh design would solve a few issues im looking at. If i decide to move forward with the idea, i would need a bit of help with execution if your willing. Would you consider the dc one processor to be still relevant in terms of quality?
  8. Im also curious as to if anyone has any input on a bass horn that would do 100-500hz and doesnt have as much depth as an mwm, hopefully something wide and somewhat shallow? @Marvel i waslooking at building single mwm's (one per side), i was also considering building a slanted riser (similar to the hereseys). I'm looking at picking up a dc one locally, i found one for 300 bucks, which seems like a very reasonable price, and is one of the first steps in the process. @The Dude , have you heard both horns? I've read the k402 makes the 510 sound like a toy, but im assuming the 510 has the same effect towards the k400? Could you elaborate on the experiences between the two?
  9. Hey guys, looking for a bit of advice for the upcoming months. I've had my la scalas for a few months and have been pretty happy so far. I started building a thtlp sub that should be done in a few weeks, and ive been considering more projects... ive been considering a 510 for the la scalas, this would allow for me to keep my footprint in the room the same, the k402 ontop just doesnt do it aesthetically for me. My other option is to build some mwm bins, and rehome the scalas to cover cost of the k402. But again my room is fairly small, im sitting about 9-10 feet from my la scalas as we speak, mwm's would put that number closer to 7.5-8.5, would being that close to the bass bin be problematic? Im unsure if vertical polars around the crossover region would reach my listening position correctly. Suggestions?
  10. I just saw a pair of theese go for peanuts on cl the other day, after seeing this price i should have bought immediately.....
  11. Thanks for linking the photo! ill try and get in the habbit from here forward.
  12. Not affiliated, seems reasonably priced https://tucson.craigslist.org/ele/d/tucson-klipsch-heresy-iii/7079104852.html
  13. Good luck with sale, i considered pickibg these up at one point, but ended up in another direction. Those could be very appealing if repaired, but i consider them to already be so.
  14. Mine appear to have been finished over with 1/4" ply, and mouldings around the fronts, i would think vaneer might be a more desirable finish, but i feel mine look pretty attractive with this method. I can't say that ive seen this suggested or done on here. I purchased these from another forum member, and whoever did them up seemed to do a pretty good job. When i was replacing the woofer gaskets it appeared the cabinets were at one point pretty beat up, with chipping near the bottom.
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