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  1. I wasn't aware the crites tweeters uses this driver, appologies for my ignorance.
  2. Anyone using this setup? Any recomendations or reasons why this wouldn't be a good match? I recently picked up daves mahl tweeters with the b&c de120 drivers, and i am hoping to order some new crossovers this weekend.
  3. Same boat over here, i just installed mine a few days ago, you are definitely not alone my friend. I will say the version 1's do sound very good as it is.
  4. Off topic, but i met ronald jenkees in Sacramento years ago! He has some great tunes.
  5. Looking for type a or aa, maybe some alk universals? Located in tucson arizona, would prefer local sale, but paypal is fine. Looking to purchase after next weekend (nov. 8th). let me know whats available, thanks.
  6. . I already did the pillow fill, i listen to alot of house, disco and dance music, but i also listen to folk, bluegrass, and some classic rock. I think im going to either build some crossovers (with the help of another member) or grab some crites. I think my plan is to biamp with a 510, but thats a bit down the road. The serials read, 22t697, so they are 79's if i underatand that correctly. They have k43 woofers, k55v's and a k77m and a k77, so mismatched tweeters.
  7. I have a switchable 2 way stereo/3way mono crossover, everything is crossed and amplified correctly. I do appreciate the concerns, but i can assure it is correctly setup.
  8. The cabinets werw originally birch black, they have been vaneered with custom moldings around the front. I kept the k77's in, and just swapped the lense, happen to know where to find mid washers?
  9. @WMcD, i have them tri amped with a 3 way mono crossover, its just some pa rack gear i had lying around. And the tweeter is not the t350, it is in fct the t35. The driver specifies t35, and the lense is basically identical, except it has more mass, and resonates alot less imo.
  10. I picked up my first pair this last week! Its my first time really sitting down with theese and needless to say i am very impressed. I bought them without crossovers, so i set them up in a 3 way mono, and after listening for a few days i can safely say i am hooked. These are very natural and fun speakers. I can also see how many are into modifications with these, i already swapped the original tweeter lense with an ev t35 chrome back lense, same phase plug, but way beefier, and the difference is quite substantial to me. Anyway, ill be having questions regarding upgrade paths in the near future.
  11. Picked up la scalas on tuesday! I have yet to listen due to lack of crossovers, but i should be able to snag a pair within the next month or so.
  12. There is a pair for sale in new Mexico, check out the thread 4 Klipsch horns for sale
  13. That guy is actually right above you! I met with him the other day and ended up with some vintage EV stuff, checked out some tube gear etc. super nice guy! I did however miss the sale of his la scalas
  14. I'm also in the market for original la scalas, I'd be willing to trade with cash for a pair
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