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  1. I've been listen to some reference tracks from cheskey records. They have a high quality catalog. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chesky_Records
  2. P̶̑͜͝l̶̖̊͂̕ȩ̵̦̟̅̋͗͂a̴̟̖̭͗͆s̶̰͉̲̏̎͝ͅȩ̸̏ ̶̤͎͙̇͂̈s̷̺̭̠̟̾͌͘ę̵̀͋̈́n̴̨̨̯̜̆̿͛́d̵͖̽̓̈͂ ̸̩̰̘̤̋̅͐ĥ̸͈̝̽̐͝ẻ̷̹ľ̷̟p̶͓̳̜͗
  3. Congratulations! I just got mine in its final location, and I gotta say, it was worth firing the mouth towards a wall, my response became much more even throughout the room. I can bet your bouncing off the walls listening the day away, well done!
  4. I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to share a bit about what your plans are for the system. For example, if your planning on upgrading other parts of your system in the future, a Bose sub might not be the best option for you.
  5. Well guys I got it home and have been listening for a few days with good results, some compromises were made on location, but I've had great results so far. Can anyone share their preferred crossover points/slopes that work well? I'm using an ev dc one.
  6. Hey guys, I was hoping you guys had a few recommendations on books to learn basic circuitry? I would really like something that can help read/build circuit diagrams for valve amplifiers. Hopefully for a beginner and relatively easy to digest. I currently have a bit of time in quarantine, and would like to spend some more time reading. My immediate goal is to build a few circuits I've seen floating around on here, help is appreciated!
  7. Yeah, I used dark walnut danish for the first coat, then natural for the remaining coats. Maybe not the best finish for birch, but the finish really changes based on light, which I think looks pretty good.
  8. Well, I've been listening for the last day or so in the carport and so far I am impressed! Here's a photo in testing, still needs a coat or two of oil before the official meet and greet with the la scalas. So far deep, punchy, effortless bass coming out of the cabinet, in an environment that is one step away from being outside.
  9. Just finished everything up today, sounding good so far, I have only tested in the carport so far. Havent brought it inside yet, will report back in a few days when it's settled in
  10. Got the first coat of stain on the entire cab, the hatch door is the last thing left to do. Testing should be soon.
  11. I'm not 100% sure on weight, but I believe I used around 2.5 sheets of 1/2" birch ply, so in the neighborhood of 100lb without the driver (according to a quick Google search on birch weight) just got the braces installed and 3/4th of the cabinet stained. I went with natural danish for the mouth braces, to give some contrast to the rest of the cab.
  12. I would think the t18 would be a bit small, and the measurements are corner loaded, so in the middle of the room it might be a bit underwhelming, the t45 has a footprint that might work well as a coffee table 24x45xvariable. Your build came out exceptional, hopefully you can find a placement that works!
  13. Started with the stain, a little blotchy, but I really like the color so far!
  14. Anyone know what kind of screws are used for the hatch door? Maybe I should double check the plans throughly but i believe it just said screws without specifics.
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