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  1. Good luck with sale, i considered pickibg these up at one point, but ended up in another direction. Those could be very appealing if repaired, but i consider them to already be so.
  2. Mine appear to have been finished over with 1/4" ply, and mouldings around the fronts, i would think vaneer might be a more desirable finish, but i feel mine look pretty attractive with this method. I can't say that ive seen this suggested or done on here. I purchased these from another forum member, and whoever did them up seemed to do a pretty good job. When i was replacing the woofer gaskets it appeared the cabinets were at one point pretty beat up, with chipping near the bottom.
  3. I spy some k712's, nice collection btw!
  4. I had this issue too, i thought it was a problem with my phone, but when i upload a file i have to embed it to the post, i have to hit the plus button on the uploaded image in the bottom left corner of the image. If i don't embed it gives me that error.
  5. Accidentally posted twice, hopefully a moderator would be kind enough to delete one of them for me
  6. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/ele/d/el-mirage-klipsch-heresy/7070006355.html Not affiliated, but seems like a very fair price with crites mods.
  7. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/wvl/ele/d/el-mirage-klipsch-heresy/7070006355.html Not affiliated, but seems like a very fair price with crites mods.
  8. Maybe the likes of st. Germain? He gained alot of traction in the early 2000's for his infusion of house and jazz music, might not be what your looking but i feel like its worth listening to. Edm is a very broad genre, and taste in edm varys widely among groups and location. If your talking popular edm, florence and the machine - spectrum is a pretty powerful track, maybe lorent shark- still feel the rain. Pm me if you want recomendations based on genre, i have tons of deep house, trance, and progressive tracks, but not so much edm.
  9. That amplifier really looks like a class act, they really seem to be applying some new ideas to a triode design.
  10. Just for reference, my 79 la scalas also had gasket staples!
  11. Im gonna go out on a limb and reccomend checking post history for unknown folks your thinking of buying from. I can only assume scammers have little to no activity on here. Always stick with paypal protected transactions, and best of luck with your purchase
  12. Stanton decks are consindered super oem tables, they are manufactured by hanpin. Hanpin makes alot of direct drive tables for dj use, they do offer a fairly good value for the money in that relm. After a little research you will find most oem tables have a similar quality, they get fairly good reviews from dj's but troubled reviews from audiophiles and others who are looking into higher end gear. Here is the top result from a stanton super oem search. https://www.vinyloftheday.com/super-oem-turntables/ The stanton str-88 tables are known to thrash records with their straight tone arms, but will track the record and not skip with aggressive scratching. So if thats the table your looking at, i would pass.
  13. Woofer gaskets were a big one for me, this is my first pair, so ny only reference was information that i had read from other owners and 3rd party listeners. Well i got them home and they were a bit bass shy, but definitely didnt thump like they should have, so i did some investigating and this was the result, my gaskets were completely shot. I'm sure la scalas get sold more often like this than one might imagine, if mine were this bad, others must be suffering too.
  14. Apparently you can fit 2 la scalas inside an 89 gmc jimmy 2 door, and you get the bonus of your friends thinking your nuts for having speakers worth over twice the value of your vehicle
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