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  1. Great idea, I believe I get to keep them once they officially total them out, so perhaps I'll just put them on that section "as is" disclosing the circumstances! Agree- that is part of my inquiry as to what I should negotiate with the insurance company as to what amount they believe is fair replacement cost.
  2. I do love the 20's-have never listened to the Forte's or RF-7III's, though I have read plenty of posts from the community comparing them to each other (with quite a variety of opinions as well :).
  3. Folks: My KLF-20's are being "totaled out" by my insurance due to smoke damage. While I am sure this is subjective, what would be a current "comparable" klipsch speaker in sound quality and price to help determine replacement/replacement value (I believe they retailed in 1996 for around $1500 a pair). While I might consider diving into the used market, I am not a DIY guy, so there is a risk in buying 20-25 year old equipment in the event of repairs or upgrades. Thanks in advance!
  4. Theater room basement including ceiling and all side drywall must be replaced due to fire. System was: klf 20 fronts and rears c7 center rs-7 sides rp-500sa fronts and rears (upfired due to room configuration that prevented rear mounting) Denon AVR-X6700H Yamaha M-80 (powers front 20's Question 1. I would like to replace the 500sa's with ceiling speakers- is the pro 180 rpw the best choice? Question 2. If I replaced the rs-7's with a in-wall speaker, is the pro-250 rpw the "best" match? I know with the legends, the timbre matches are already not ideal, but trying to get the best match and hopefully will be last upgrades to system (lol)! Room is approximately 28 x 18 with some ceiling differences due to boxed in ducting and will be carpeted. P.S. I also have RS-62ii's I could use for surrounds, but if I'm not going with in-wall, sides, the RS-7's are a better "cosmetic" fit. Thanks all.
  5. Much appreciated!
  6. Klf 20 c7 rs 35 surrounds rw-12d sub All the new stuff...🙂
  7. Hello all: I recently upgraded my fronts, added rp-500sa for atmos and moved the old fronts (r-28f') to use as rears giving me a 9.1 setup. But... my room configuration is such that one of the r-28'fs is only a couple feet behind the sofa and I can't reconfigure furniture setup. Is best option to replace them with rs-62ii's or rs-7's (can get decent deal on either compared to newer models) on stands to clear couch or am I best just leaving as is? Thanks for any assistance! P.S. Can't wall mount rears either.
  8. Just received these today, one cone has small dimple and a crease. Big deal, little deal? Send it back?
  9. Looking for advice as to potentially changing side and rear speakers after upgrading from R-28f fronts and an RP center (shortly after upgrading from a 20 year old synergy 5.1 system). New current set-up is: KLF 20's KLC c7 RW-12d R-41SA (on klf 20's) RS-35 sides R-28f rears Onyko TX-NR787 My room is about 28x15, but due to duct work and other quirks, can't put the R-28f's against back wall- one is only a couple feet behind couch, the other has some obstruction as well. System sounds really good (to me anyway), but probably because the klf 20's are nothing short of amazing... So I'm thinking that 1) I should replace the rears with speakers I can put on stands and if so, what is best match with fronts, and 2) whether (depending on what I do with rears), keep the RS-35's or replace them as well (need to keep sides wall mounted and can't have them extend out too far). Or would I simply be throwing away some money for not much of a difference in sound? Appreciate any suggestions-don't have a lot of technical or audiophile expertise, just know I love the Klipsch sound!
  10. Rivernuggets: If still available I'd like to purchase these.
  11. I do, but a 2 and half hour drive each way. I think I'm going to pass.
  12. Had seller send some pictures to me, they look a little rough.
  13. Thanks again Wuzzer, much appreciated!
  14. Yes, KLF 20's (typo). Thanks Wuzzer, what is a phantom center, no center at all? And if not, until I find a KLF C-7 center, am I better using the RP-440 or picking up the KV-3?
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