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  1. Rivernuggets: If still available I'd like to purchase these.
  2. I do, but a 2 and half hour drive each way. I think I'm going to pass.
  3. Had seller send some pictures to me, they look a little rough.
  4. Thanks again Wuzzer, much appreciated!
  5. Yes, KLF 20's (typo). Thanks Wuzzer, what is a phantom center, no center at all? And if not, until I find a KLF C-7 center, am I better using the RP-440 or picking up the KV-3?
  6. I'm looking to upgrade my R-28f's. Was looking for RP-280f or RF-7's, but came across great deal on KLH 20's. Are they compatible with reference series? CC is rp-440c and have RS-35 surrounds. Seller is running them off a KV-3 cc which he would also throw in. Thanks!
  7. I don't know if you are interested in splitting up, but I am looking for a pair of RS 35's.
  8. System: r-28f's front rp-440c ss1 sides Should I replace SS!'s with r-14s, rs-24 or rs-35 ? Can get all three for around same price-want to stay with that shape due to room. (Also adding rp-140sa''s onto r-28's for atmos). Room about 28 x15. Thanks,
  9. First post-not an audiophile. I am slowly upgrading my old Synergy 5.1 piece by piece. I have replaced the SC-5 with the RP -440c, the SP-1 towers with R-28f's which I will get next week. I still have the SS-5's as the rear speakers. Will the SS-5's "match" the system or should I upgrade? . Reciever is Onyko TX-RZ610. If I go to a 7.1, can I I use the SS-5 as either rears or sides or again, should I upgrade? Finally, if I add Atmos elevation, should I go with the R-41SA, the RP-140SA, or would moving up a notch make much of a difference? Room is about 14x27, no vaulted ceilings.
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