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  1. Just received these today, one cone has small dimple and a crease. Big deal, little deal? Send it back?
  2. Looking for advice as to potentially changing side and rear speakers after upgrading from R-28f fronts and an RP center (shortly after upgrading from a 20 year old synergy 5.1 system). New current set-up is: KLF 20's KLC c7 RW-12d R-41SA (on klf 20's) RS-35 sides R-28f rears Onyko TX-NR787 My room is about 28x15, but due to duct work and other quirks, can't put the R-28f's against back wall- one is only a couple feet behind couch, the other has some obstruction as well. System sounds really good (to me anyway), but probably because the klf 20's are nothing short of amazing... So I'm thinking that 1) I should replace the rears with speakers I can put on stands and if so, what is best match with fronts, and 2) whether (depending on what I do with rears), keep the RS-35's or replace them as well (need to keep sides wall mounted and can't have them extend out too far). Or would I simply be throwing away some money for not much of a difference in sound? Appreciate any suggestions-don't have a lot of technical or audiophile expertise, just know I love the Klipsch sound!
  3. Rivernuggets: If still available I'd like to purchase these.
  4. I do, but a 2 and half hour drive each way. I think I'm going to pass.
  5. Had seller send some pictures to me, they look a little rough.
  6. Thanks again Wuzzer, much appreciated!
  7. Yes, KLF 20's (typo). Thanks Wuzzer, what is a phantom center, no center at all? And if not, until I find a KLF C-7 center, am I better using the RP-440 or picking up the KV-3?
  8. I'm looking to upgrade my R-28f's. Was looking for RP-280f or RF-7's, but came across great deal on KLH 20's. Are they compatible with reference series? CC is rp-440c and have RS-35 surrounds. Seller is running them off a KV-3 cc which he would also throw in. Thanks!
  9. I don't know if you are interested in splitting up, but I am looking for a pair of RS 35's.
  10. System: r-28f's front rp-440c ss1 sides Should I replace SS!'s with r-14s, rs-24 or rs-35 ? Can get all three for around same price-want to stay with that shape due to room. (Also adding rp-140sa''s onto r-28's for atmos). Room about 28 x15. Thanks,
  11. First post-not an audiophile. I am slowly upgrading my old Synergy 5.1 piece by piece. I have replaced the SC-5 with the RP -440c, the SP-1 towers with R-28f's which I will get next week. I still have the SS-5's as the rear speakers. Will the SS-5's "match" the system or should I upgrade? . Reciever is Onyko TX-RZ610. If I go to a 7.1, can I I use the SS-5 as either rears or sides or again, should I upgrade? Finally, if I add Atmos elevation, should I go with the R-41SA, the RP-140SA, or would moving up a notch make much of a difference? Room is about 14x27, no vaulted ceilings.
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