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  1. Hey Charlie1, how did you go? Did you manage to work it out? Or do you still have problems with The Sixes? Have you tried resetting it? (The best way i have found is to switch speaker off, then remove power cable, then while it is unplugged, switch it on, you will be surprise to see that it lights On for a few seconds. Then plug it back with power and connect again. Now, the input knob needs to be twisted clockwise. It will only move from bluetooth to other sources if those sources are connected/ driver installed properly if it via USB and recognised for the knob to be able to select the available input, if not it stays blinking at bluetooth. Try that and see what happens. Or if you have already got them to work, do share how you are doing. Do you have a solution. Mine seems buggy. I'm using with a brand new laptop. Laptop recognise the Speakers and driver installed properly but randomly the speakers do not want to play any sounds. And still disconnecting a lot. Out of the blue it sometimes just works. And then when i come back it stopped and nothing works again. Don't know what to do, mine is gonna cost a fortune to post back from overseas. It is only 3 weeks old.
  2. Yes, i just got my brand new Sixes today. Tested, the remote does not work. The red light flashes on the remote, but the speaker does not respond to it. But my worse problem is with bluetooth, it keeps disconnecting randomly, i haven't been able to play continuously for longer than 10 mins. I tried on an LG V40, Samsung Tab S6, iPhone 10xs, Ipad Pro, all the same problem. At one stage after switching the speakers off and on again, nothing was able to connect back and it kept saying connection rejected. Is that a known problem?? How to fix it?? I just opened the box 1 hour ago.
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