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  1. Wow. Anyway I like the, um non-color Klipschorns in black anyway. I personally finished a pair in birch plywood. I had to use a water stain to even out the lighter sap wood. Thank you for the interesting back story! I'll send a pic.
  2. They seem somewhat scarce. Satin black finish, should be popular for home theater use, as well as a more modern decor in homes. Are there records on how many black finish Klipschorns produced? Were the Belles ever released in black? Thank you! Ken Brookshire
  3. This post said I posted it in garage sale, see header. What am I missing?
  4. I originally was selling the four for $7K. But am offering them for $6,200.00. Hopefully for a home threater setup. Cheaper by the dozen? I own six Cornerhorns, yeah I'm crazy. Or...you can buy a set of two for $3,400. Your choice of year 1988 with AK2, or 1992 with AK3 crossovers. All, are in satin black factory finish. I also own a set of Belles, in black finish. Perfect for the center channel at $2,500 for the pair. I tried on Ebay selling the four, no bites. So spread the word. I would love one of you fine folks to get them. I am moving back east, and have to downsize, sigh. I live in Rio Rancho, NM 87124, outside & west of ABQ. Thanks guys!
  5. Makes sense that modern TV's are not affected by magnetic fields, & yes I have a newer TV. I'd heard that the K55V was shielded to a degree. Previously I tried to shield with iron plates, but I guess that was unnecessary. Remember those old VPI blocks to corral transformer hysteresis fields? They were a nice wooden block that simply had several steel plates inside. Ha, ha. Thank you, I'm going to use them in my center channel. Regards / Ken
  6. Wondering if old K55-V was shielded? If so, is it suitable for use in home theater, and recommend distance from TV's. TY Ken
  7. Thank you, how cool is this! Nice they got updated. I don't know where the blue cabling came from on the crossovers...but it's a nice touch. Again, thank all you good folks who responded.
  8. Plastic horn, K55M drivers, K77M square tweeters, & AB-2 crossovers. The O start seems strange, thought they avoided this letter? See pic. TY!
  9. See attached pic from one speaker. AB-2 crossovers, serial numbers stamped on tail plate, and on label are OM 571 & OM 574 respectively. I didn't see "O" listed in the coding? Thanks for any help.
  10. I recommend shunting the 13uf input cap with a mylar or teflon 0.01uf. Dynamat the metal mid horn. And take out the metal holding screws on round choke coils. The inductance is affected. Use plastic screws, or just hot glue. If you can flush mout the tweeter, (Klipsch has brackets for mod), it will help. Congrats & enjoy. I currently own (6) Cornerhorns, & (2) Belles.
  11. Tried to size them but just got a pixelated pictures. Your right, I might have to break them into pairs. Let me have an email address for anyone who wants to see them. I have a pair of black but painted Belles that I will be selling. I even have a maple pair of Klipschorns, but I'm keeping them. Yeah, I'm a Klipsch fanatic!
  12. I'm either using this site improperly, or there is no interest in my 4 Klischorns for sale. I will be listing them on Ebay if you want a peek. Thank you, Ken Brookshire (ABQ NM) Sorry I wasn't able to size pics for you.
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