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  1. Hello all - I am building a mobile soundsystem for dance music. I have just purchased some mid 80's custom cabinets that were once used as subwoofers in a movie theater. They need to be overhauled, and I am looking for the right low frequency drivers to fit them with for use with my Lascalas. I am searching for 2 15 inch drivers to be powered by my Crown Macro Tech 600 (roughly 220 watts per channel). Any recommendations for drivers and crossover frequencies between the Lascalas and subs would be much appreciated. Thanks, and warm regards from New Orleans
  2. Why is this a no - no? I'm taking inspiration from the reggae // dub soundsystems, they've always got mids and tops stacked on bass scoops.
  3. it's 220 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 20hz to 20khz
  4. Thank you! Well first off I'd like to be able to power them both with my macro tech 600 which I imagine narrows my options a bit. As far as size, I'd like them to be able to support the lascalas on top of them, but can't move around anything much bigger than the lascalas themselves. So something a little more than 2ft wide and 2ft deep - height can be variable. As far as target frequency response//cross-over - that's TBD, open to thoughts and suggestions!
  5. Hi all - I am building a mobile soundsystem using my pair of 1985 Lascalas. I would like to find a pair of subwoofers I could place the lascalas on top of to get them off the ground. I'd like passive subs, scoops or folded horn designs. Not opposed to buying cabinets and replacing the speaker. I plan on running the subs with my Crown macro-tech 600. Been searching ebay, reverb, craigslist for the past several weeks - thinking maybe I don't know the best way to look, as I haven't found much. Any ideas? All thoughts and recommendations appreciated.
  6. Thanks for the recommendations! Bob Crites looks like my guy, I just emailed him requesting some insight. Beautiful system you've got, what sub are you using??
  7. Hi all, I recently purchased some single-owner Lascalas circa 1980. My intent is to use them as part of a mobile soundsystem, so I need them to work reliably. The balancing network is quite dusty, with noticeably aged original components. I am curious what you all might recommend as maintenance - my number one goal is to make these speakers reliable. Is there a good way to clean this balancing network? Do I need to? Should I replace any components? If I were to overhaul the balancing network, where might I start? Thanks!
  8. Awesome info, thanks to the both of you! I think I've got enough info to get my system up and running once the Lascalas get here. Going forward, what do you think would be the best expansion to the system? Another Lascala or two? A sub or tweeter set? Or higher quality amplification / equing? For reference, I'll be playing dance music of all varieties, but primarily international disco, funk, and house music. Thanks! Can't wait to hear these speakers.
  9. Ahh I see. Thanks for the explanation. I don't see myself adding a sub or horns in the hear future. For the spaces I want to inhabit most, 4 LaScalas would be ideal IMO. I have an old Marantz PM 7000 I could use to power the bookshelves, but I need an amp with XLR inputs for the main system -- the Urei's RCA outputs are not as warm IMO.
  10. Hi Bruce, Thank you for your reply! I should say that eventually I hope this system includes 2 more LaScalas for a total of 4. Currently, I also have a pair of vintage Klipsch bookshelf speakers I plan to use as monitors for the system. Is it possible to run 2 Lascalas and 2 monitors off the same amplifier while controlling volume individually? The venue will change, as will the purpose (looking into partnerships with theaters and film festivals in town for their sound needs). It might be nice to have the DSP functions since the spaces will change and equing may need adjustment accordingly. At the same time, I'd prefer to limit any amount of digital processing. As for budget - I'd like to purchase an amplifier that gives me some room to grow as my system evolves. Ideally something in the $300-$500 range, but could be pushed up to $750 for the right reasons. Thanks again!
  11. I run a record label in New Orleans and I am building a soundsystem to use for our party series. I want to run my Urei 1620 mixer into two mid 70's Klipsch LaScalas. I need an amp with XLR inputs and speaker cable outputs. Something durable that can be moved around quite a bit. There are several live - sound options, the Crown XTi 2000 Amplifier, for instance. Would it be ill-advised to run such a powerful amp (1000 watts per channel) into such efficient speakers (100 watts continuous)? Any recommendations for an amp that would pull this system together? Thank you!
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