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  1. The KG2s are all original. I haven't done any modifications.
  2. Well, I got the KG2s. The guy threw in some stands which put the tweeters at ear level while I'm sitting. I played around with the distance from the rear wall, and though I like the tone of the bass, it just wasn't quite deep enough. So, I put them on the floor. I used some hardwood shelves and squares of rubber to create a tilt similar to the risers on a pair of Heresies. Played around with the distance from the rear wall again. Now, they're making my ears happy. Sound tested them with Led Zeppelin III, Billie Holiday, a local hard rock band, and now some John Lee Hooker. $75 well spent for my first Klipsch experience.
  3. Fantastic. Great price for the set of diaphragms too. Better than I expected and I've heard nothing but raves about them.
  4. Oh cool. So, to remove the tweeters, do I have to separate the connections and then resolder after I complete the diaphragm swap?
  5. I've heard several people mention Crites tweeters. Does he still make them? Do you send the speakers to him or just buy the parts and DIY?
  6. I won't get carried away. I've put together two systems. One for CD's and FM and the other for vinyl and FM. I've spent less than $500 and my ears are happy. If I'm not happy with the KG2s, I'll figure out how to fix the drivers in the cabs I have.
  7. I love it. A neighbor essentially gave it to me. I have it in a relatively small room (16'x13') connected to a pair of custom cabinets (also given to me). Each has an 8" driver and a ribbon tweeter. They're loud, but lack the crispness and clarity I desire. I believe the KG2s will be good for the room. I'll find out Saturday.
  8. Thanks much! I will have Heresy's one day. For now, I'm looking forward to hearing these little KG2s. At $75, I can't pass them up.
  9. Thank you. I see your point. I was hoping for input from actual HK930 and Klipsch owners which I have now received. Fist thing I did when I got it was to take it to a local guy who does repairs and refurbishing. He took very good care of it and assured me I would enjoy it for years to come.
  10. I saw that, but like I said, I've read conflicting info in a couple of different forums. I'm just trying to gather as much information as I can before I make a decision. I've wanted some Klipsch speakers for some time and though I'd prefer a pair of Heresy they're just not in my budget right now and these are.
  11. Hello. I'm putting together a vintage audio system for listening to records. I am by no means a technician. I have an HK930 receiver and a Phillip's 312 turntable. I have a chance to buy some KG2 speakers. I read conflicting information about the compatibility between my receiver and the speakers because the speakers are 4 ohm. So I figured I'd go straight to the source to see if this would be a good match. Thank you.
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