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  1. Kept all my boxes until I moved into a condo and now it's impossible.
  2. Another question. How important is tweeter ear height? Sitting on center area of my couch in the hot seat facing tv screen my ears will be perfectly aligned to tweeters of the 6000 but about 4 inches below the tweeters of the 8000. Should this be taken into consideration when choosing speakers? Thanks
  3. Thanks to all on my entry post. My condo has good soundproofing but Im retired so this whole building is mine every weekday afternoon so im going all out. Rp 8000f it is and hopefully in Piano black.( want the look to back up the great sound). May wait till Black Friday to see any deals that might come along. Ill post a picture when I get these babies home.
  4. I have a 21 by 11 room with 10 ft ceilings and a 65 inch tv mounted on my wall. Its a condo so I will be sitting about 10 feet from the screen. Im thinking of klipsch RP 8000 or 6000 as fronts.Would the 8000 be overkill for someone living on second floor? I love the piano black in this model but I may have to settle for the RP 6000 because of my living space. I wish the 6000 came in piano black. Yhanks for your help.
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