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  1. Came across a pair of Klipsch KG 4.2 being sold by a reputable guy. Dark oil finish. Wood in excellent condition. Lots of pics verifying condition, original tags. What would you consider to be a fair offer for them? My current setup is some Forte II's in amazing condition and some beat up, but good sounding KG 4's. Running them with a Kenwood KA-5700 integrated amp.
  2. These are still going strong. KG4's are a bit beat up (got for $125), but the Forte II's I scored for $100 are flawless. What would be a good price to pay for some KG4's to replace these and is the Crites upgrade an easy DIY project (for me, the inexperienced)?
  3. I'm new to vintage audio. I just googled them for about 20 seconds and took the chance on making an offer. Figured i couldn't lose, then I wrote in the forum hoping i was scoring.
  4. Well, seeing as he had a “come and take it” sticker on the back window of his F150 truck, I avoided brandishing a firearm. This is Texas ya know! 😂
  5. Haha....thanks for your help...anyone and everyone feel free to recommend a song I should play through these babies. I'll be playing em all night!
  6. The story is that he bought them when he was in the Navy over in japan. Had them shipped back and he’s downsizing to a smaller home. 🙌🏼
  7. Well, they’re as solid as can be and sound fantastic. I’m running them with a Kenwood KA5700. I’m a happy man.
  8. Thank you! I'll post a pic when I get them...if the guy follows through....hoping for the best.
  9. Meeting a guy in an hour and a half to buy the Forte II's for $100? I just got a pair of beat up (exterior) KG4's and they sound great. How are the Forte II's in comparison and is this a good deal? What should I look for when I meet him? Only one pic provided but the pair looks from the pic.
  10. Is there a particular budget EL34 amp you'd recommend? Mostly punching some 70's 80's hard rock through the KG4's.
  11. I might purchase the Kenwood KA-5700 myself...asking price is $150? Thoughts on that price and how it will go with Klipsch KG4's?
  12. Thoughts on this pairing? Is it a decent pairing with the KG4's? I can buy the Kg4's for around $100 as they are a little beat up on the outside, missing badges and will need refinishing. One of the woofers may need repair and/or eventual replacement. The Kenwood KA-5700 is going for $150. Seems to be in good working order. I only have more modern equipment and not sure what I'm getting myself into. Any and all thoughts would be appreciated.
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