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  1. Thanks all, I'll try adjusting the loudness knob. I thought I was bypassing the EQ using the "cd direct" function as per the manual, but maybe not. [The mixer serves as the pre-amp, so no reason run it thru the amp's phono input right?] Any suggestions for entry level amps to go with vintage Fortes? I'll eventually want to get one that's better suited to my particular Klipsch speakers...
  2. Greetings to all you Klipsch enthusiasts, I'm new on the block so forgive my ignorance. I'm eager to learn and not totally clueless, so I'm hoping for some useful feedback! About three years ago, I inherited a pair of Klipsch Fortes that had been languishing in a musty attic for probably over 25 years. I assume they are a matched pair, but only one retains the paper with production info on it. Needless to say they weren't in the best shape, but I hooked them up to my crappy stereo setup and was blown away by how much better they sounded than anything I'd ever had, and realized just how lucky I was to come into these. That, and a growing vinyl collection inspired me to dip my toes into the vast sea of hi-fi audio, and I have since tried to cobble together a decent-sounding setup, slowly, and with a modest budget. I only use these Fortes for music listening, and the room I have them in is approximately 15' x 24'. A Harmon Kardon 330b stereo receiver that I found at a junk store was powering my setup since before the Klipsch, but about 6 mos ago starting producing distortion and cutting out on some inputs. A friend who was moving sold me a Yamaha AX-592 integrated amp cheap and it seems to be doing the trick. Most of my listening is on two Technics SL-1200MK2 turntables (I mix at home and for friends events), or streaming digital audio. Vast array of genres here, Soul, R&B, Rock, Country, Jazz, Funk, Disco, House, Techno, New Age & Ambient, etc. I just got a nicer 2-ch mixer that's improved the overall sound I'm getting, but I think I'm still not understanding the amplification power part of the equation... Is the Yamaha AX-592 too powerful for these highly efficient speakers? It seems like at lower volume the sound I get is of a much lesser quality, but I could easily send my neighbors into fits of rage if the volume knob on my amp crept past the -30dB mark. What am I missing here? Thanks for your time and replies, I really appreciate it!
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