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  1. I have one good corner and a wall for the other speaker. Possibly a “pony wall” for the other speaker could work. Something as basic as plywood for experimenting. That way I wouldn’t have the chance of messing up the frequency response of the original design.
  2. I was in Minneapolis last week and heard the newest Klipschorns. Man do they sound nice! Very smooth and detailed. I also heard the new La Scalas. They were very dynamic with really punchy bass. Heard the new Cornwalls also but liked the La Scalas a lot better. When we got home the next day I turned on my 1984 Klipschorns. Well they’re not too bad. Especially when I look at the price of the new Klipschorns. Has anyone put backs on their vintage Klipschorns and what do you think? Does it improve the bass? once again thanks!
  3. LarryC thanks for responding to my inquiry. Could you please tell me how much the AK4 kit cost. Did you think it was quite in improvement from the AK3? Thank you.
  4. I wish I could hear a pair of Klipschorns with the updated crossovers to hear the difference. One side of me wants to experiment and the other side wants to leave well enough alone. Anyone close to eastern Iowa with updated crossovers that I could hear? Thanks.
  5. Any thoughts as to which would sound better? The Crites A/4500 with a new tweeter or the ALK Universal. Thanks.
  6. I have the K-55M’s. So if you had the AK2’s would you replace the crossovers, replace the capacitors or leave well enough alone? Thanks.
  7. So if you had the AK2’s would you replace the crossovers, replace the capacitors or leave well enough alone? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for responding to my questions. I guess I don’t know what I want to change about the sound. This is my first pair of Klipsch speakers so I’m not sure what they should sound like. I just figured after 35 years they might need a little sprucing up. Capacitors maybe.
  9. About 4 months ago I acquired a 1984 vintage pair of Klipschorns with the original AK-2 crossovers. After some reading I’ve discovered that the AK-2 is not well thought of. So I’m thinking about replacing the crossovers. Does anyone have the AK-2’s and have you thought about replacing them? And will it make a big difference. Also which vendor to use. any help would be appreciated.
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