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  1. Jusging by the spec sheet we are still probably needing a subwoofer with the Heresy?
  2. Seems like a good deal. If I was within 10 hrs driving I would be picking these up https://www.kijiji.ca/v-speakers/muskoka/priced-to-sell/1470064454?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  3. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649564619-klipsch-belles-w-upgrades/
  4. Sure, I just have 2 Andrew Jones Pioneer sw 8mk2 Subwoofers Bought them due to this review https://hometheaterreview.com/pioneer-sw-8mk2-subwoofer-reviewed/
  5. thanks! That seems like a bad solution then
  6. would it make more sense to run out of the tape monitor outputs?
  7. I don’t listen to the radio at all. Haven’t for 20 years. Using Heresy ii’s. I do like subs with the heresies so perhaps going vintage is not a good idea.
  8. Current have a 3380 but I am interested in picking up a 3490 or going vintage with the 730. What would you folks suggest regarding these options?
  9. That little tube amp seems interesting. Is there a way I could use it and keep my subs running with the Hersies?
  10. Just picked up some Heresy II’s. I am using a Harmon Kardon 3380 and 2 of those Pioneer Andrew Jones Subwoofers. I like the sound mostly. With certain songs I don’t feel like the bass is blending well with the speakers. Would a sealed sub work better? Might pick up a HK 3490 or vintage amp. Don’t probably have the cash for any tube amps that don’t say Vox or Fender on them. Do I need to be recapping these Heresies now? I do love the Heresy sound. Biggest complaint is that I wish they were not black.
  11. it’s getting close to the end of October!
  12. Went with neither. Wanted to try the Klipsch Heritage stuff out so listened to some Cornwalls and then some Heresy II’s. Came home with the Heresy II’s I don’t know if I am correct but it appears that the soundstage is much improved. I am running the Heresy’s with 2 subs.
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