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  1. Sorry my late reply. Sound is ok but I was expecting the same level of punch via Bluetooth as I’ve experienced through CD (optical cable). Thanks to all of you. Cheers!
  2. Sorry my late reply. Yes, I do and volume is set to the max on each one. Maybe the problem is in my Spotify settings, as I listen to music via Spotify. But I’ve checked the sound settings and it all seems fine. I know my equalizer lines aren’t common, but that’s how I like it (treble rather than bass)! lol
  3. Sorry my late reply. Yes, I’m using my phone and tablet. Both are with max volume. I should say that the volume that comes out from The Sixes is ok (via Bluetooth). The question is that I wanted the same power I’ve experienced via CD (strong punch - loved it)!
  4. Hello, people! I’m a newly proud owner of The Sixes. After reading a zillion reviews, I opted to buy the Sixes. Never had the chance to hear them live before buying them. The question is that when listening via Bluetooth connection, the sound is sooooo low!!! I use Spotify and I’ve checked my sound settings (it all seems ok). I know that Bluetooth transmission lacks some quality and that Spotify itself is not lossless, but... OK, maybe I should try Tidal, but as I am a +4 year Spotify customer... I have connected an old Sony SACD player to the Sixes, using the optical cable, and the difference is HUGE!!!!! Here the sound is powerful and crispy! Can anyone please help me how to enhance Bluetooth sound? Am I doing anything wrong? (My main option is to use Spotify, not CDs nor vinyl) Thanks in advance to all of you! Cheers, Ernesto.
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