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  1. Hello, I recently purchased two Klipsch Powergate amplifiers. First of all, they pack a punch and sound awesome. The issue I'm having is with Bluetooth connectivity. I'm using one of the amps to power a set of outdoor speakers and a sub. I'm able to connect to the amp easily, but the signal starts to cutout when I'm only 20 to 30 feet away from the amp. I've tested the connection on a few devices but am getting the same result. Has anyone else run into the same issue? Is there a firmware upgrade or any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hello, Is there a big difference using the R/L analog outputs vs the sub? I'm looking to add speakers and a sub to our outdoor pool area. I've already purchased a Klipsch Powergate amp and KHO7 speakers. Can't run coax so I'm assuming I'll need to run speaker wire and use the R/L outputs? Just need to find a good non-power outdoor sub. Any recommendations? any other ideas? Thanks, Steve A
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