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  1. I’ve actually never had luck with dating sites. Prefer tête-à-tête dating
  2. blissann


    Actually I believe that over the ear or on ear headphones tend to be more comfortable than 'earbud' style headphones. of course there are 'canalphones" and "in ear monitor" style in ear headphones as well which tend to be more comfortable than earbud style. I have small ears, so not all earbuds work fine for me, maybe only earbuds like this can work https://gagadget.com/en/67418-best-earbuds-for-small-ears-review/
  3. I'll listen to really anything that happens to interest me. Right now I'm listening to jazz. Usually my go-to music is dark electronic and experimental music such as industrial, electro-industrial, noise etc. I also like ambient, post-rock, jcore, IDM, lolicore, cloud rap etc. If I can only give one answer I would say I like electro-industrial fused with noise and lots of movie/tv/radio samples. ___________________________ https://www.fortenotation.com/en/sheet-music-maker/
  4. So personally, I'm a HEAVY user of headphones, since 95% of my listening is with my laptop or DAP. So I break headphones at a pretty rapid rate. The plastic parts used in modern headphone production just do not stand up to the thousands of hours of use I give them. Even the Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitors I bought last year broke pretty quickly. I remember when Sony studio headphones would last decades. I'm a professional video editor and had a pair for about 17 years before they finally bit the dust. (I'm guessing the plastic they now use is just too brittle). I'm reading some montgomery ward reviews to find out what people say about different brands
  5. blissann

    Guitar lovers

    Absolutely fantastic. Personally I started taking guitar lessons at age 8, and have been playing ever since. If I could go back in time, I would've paid more attention to theory at a younger age and developed my ear from the start. Mostly, I wouldn't have let anything get in the way when it came to where I wanted to take my music. Also I wish I were more tech savvy. Recently I needed to convert pdf into finale and didn't know how to accomplish it. Luckily I found this article https://scan-score.com/en/how-to-import-a-pdf-into-finale/
  6. There is something really relaxing about watching an open fire burn- it wouldn't be the primary heating source of the house. I find it very relaxing after hard work day, I've been sitting in front of it and just watching movie or writing my school project, maybe I will use some help of https://www.topwritersreview.com/best-services-for-coursework-writing-help/. Actually my fireplace is what I want at the end of the day.
  7. I collect international currency as well as tickets and maps from all the places I’ve been - plane tickets, subway tickets, bus passes, maps of all the above, etc. I currently have been working on a huge project and don't have time to look for new items but will renew once my project with https://thewordpoint.com/services/certified/police-clearances is finished. Collecting stuff has been a huge passion of mine for as long as I can remember.
  8. A great man once told that "...the world is full of stupid people. Think of it this way: if you are of merely average intelligence half the people you meet will be dumber than you and it only gets worse the smarter you are." I've recently used help of this service https://www.topwritersreview.com/reviews/justbuyessay/ and asked them to use this exact phrase as the conclusive sentence.
  9. Finally guys! The trick is to do a factory reset after successfully updated the firmware in both L&R, then open the app and now you can customise the name but in the next step there's another wall, stuck in "connecting", here is when it comes another factory reset, after that finally you can open the EQ and a few settings. I have wasted so much fun to find this solution instead of accoplishing my school project so I have to use https://www.topwritersreview.com/reviews/edubirdie/. I hope after that everything goes right, we'll see. Keep us updated guys how everything works for you.
  10. I use both Amazon and Netflix. Amazon being the most used good mixture of original stuff and films, nobody has mentioned you also get a music app with it which I find very good +the YouTube app. Marks out of ten for Amazon 9 Netflix 7. So now I have too little time to watch videos. I've been worthing on a very urgent project along with the guys from https://thewordpoint.com/services/transcription-services ... And just forgot to mention that I prefer Prime for the delivery service so once I take of some value for that the Prime Video service is pretty cheap so worth having as well.
  11. blissann

    Guitar lovers

    When I took up guitar a few years ago, I told myself that I would play the instrument, but only for the joy of making music, and for the added benefit of helping to keep me at something close to sane. I'm researching this page to find a perfect intrument for myself. I have a love/hate relationship withe the guitar. I love playing 99% of the time, whether it's performing or just sitting on the couch and noodling around. Every once in a while, though, I'll go through a day or so where I just feel like quitting completely
  12. This is a personal preference rather than a case of awarding 'best' status. Do your own research, read the reviews online on https://asksound.com/best-bookshelf-speakers-under-500. My favorite bookshelf is the klipsch rb-5 lls but it should be noted that I dont have a lot to compare them to. None the less for 175.00 which is what I paid I think they sound awesome they are also beautiful in their pristine cherry wood cabs!
  13. That's really awesome. I'm personally looking for a digital piano as we need a portable unit. I think Yamaha P45 Digital Piano it is one of the best digital piano on the market (read review on https://pickmypiano.com/best-digital-piano-500-usd/ ). You can easily connect your music device to this piano with the use of the auxiliary input port and the sound will come out of the digital piano’s speakers. This is great for when you want to play along to a pre-recorded track at the same volume as the piano.
  14. We seem to be on the same hunt here. We are looking for some new sofas- a 2 and 3 seater both with power recline or just Lane recliners. However, everything we seem to look at is quite,well.....ugly! The Lazy Boy designs are all pretty horrendous and American in their design style. Any recommendations for something a bit more modern looking or, as a start, a decent sofa place/brand that will not sell us poor quality kit? Are lane recliners any decent? Thanks in advance
  15. Streaming has put the power of music consumption right into the hands of 16-24 yr olds who use music torrent sites. They are the demo that streams music the most and therefore record labels cater directly and indirectly to their tastes. That age group will always favor microwavable pop and rap music.
  16. If you're looking for movies with not a lot of action, just engaging storytelling: Movies 20th Century Women The Invitation Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind American Honey A Ghost Story Shows The OA (1st season) Unorthodox Dark (confusing, but good) Good Girls I watched on tv series torrent sites
  17. blissann

    Can’t sleep

    I cant stress how much magnesium supplement with dinner helps. I usually buy a magnesium supplement that has different types of magnesium. I buy Life Extension Magnesium Caps which contains 3-4 different types. Canadian Pharmacy Online Vitamin D with dinner Stress management Avoid caffeine if possible, if not, dont drinkpast 10AM Avoid sugar in the evenings as it can affect your sleep Exercise and eat a clean dinner as this last meal is what sits with you through the evening.
  18. I went with Seatcraft Omega leather recliners in my home theater here. Very impressed with them , leather on the seat and back where it counts and bonded leather for the rest of the chair. After 2 years of regular use they still look brand new and even considering I bought them as a demo trio.
  19. We have Roomba, had it for about 3 years, love it. Still need to "deeper" vacuum about twice a month as they aren't as powerful as a full blown Dyson corded machine. That said though they are great for a quick spruce up and no effort at all. We had some issues with battery but solved it easily with this resource
  20. Have you considered marble for your flooring? For durability vs. cost effectiveness vs. looks...it can rarely be beat. I know you said you prefer wood , but just a thought. We did our kitchen using marble flooring . It looks great and it'll be there long after we're gone.
  21. I am hard of hearing, and have been so whole my life. I grew up with hearing aids and continue to use hearing aids staten island to this day. I read lips as well. Several things mear in mind... give the aids some time. It appears some people do not give hearing aids enough time, and give up on them. Your brain needs time to adjust to them.
  22. I use Apple Music and prefer it over all music streaming sites, but I’m more of a physical media guy (mostly CDs and Records) So generally when I use it, I use it to find stuff I may want to add to my collection later on
  23. Just finished S3 of Ozark last night. In fact we blitzed the whole season over the weekend... The last 2 episodes might be the best 2 episodes of any tv show ever. The 2nd last in particular. The performance from Laura Linney deserves every award possible this year. She was amazing. The brother was also perfect as well. Ozark is definitely up there with the best stuff of all time – The Wire, Sopranos, Breaking Bad etc. You can watch it through Netflix or any other streaming site
  24. blissann

    Can’t sleep

    I’ve been loving CBD for sleep. A solid dose of full spectrum cbd does wonders for my insomnia and middle of the night wakings. I don’t get any of the negatives anyone talks about. I’ve used a variety of brands and full spectrum and isolates. I prefer a full spectrum, but I may have some drug tests coming up so I’ve switched to isolates and while it isn’t quite as effective, it’s still working and I’m sleeping great.
  25. Hi guys I'm also looking for a cheap centre speaker, even secondhand if it gets me a better speaker. Looking to spend under 100 usd. I can’t match with the fronts as they’re quite old Royd speakers. I understand the centre speaker is to bring out the dialogue more clearer? I found some information online https://productadvisor.com/best/speakers/home-theatre/ but need your help. Any suggestions?
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