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  1. How close would be too close for surrounds? I'm leaning towards monopole speakers, thinking of mounting them up on the wall and facing them inward, optimally how far apart should they be?
  2. Does anyone think that bipole speakers would interfere with Atmos? Would monopole speakers be the better option for more directional sound with Atmos?
  3. Hey there! Can you clarify, I'm a bit confused. Doesn't the RP-402's/502's just hang flush on the wall because they're bipole? How would I have them facing inward? The only way I can think of facing speakers inward would be bookshelf speakers on mounts. Thanks.
  4. Hey everyone, it's my first time posting here, and my first time building a home theater. I've done lots of research and yet still can't decide for which type of surround speakers to go with. The room I have is tricky for creating a home theater at least in my opinion. It's an English basement that measures 12x24ft with 9ft ceilings. I am committed to build a 5.1.2 system with the space that I'm able to use. I'm basically splitting the basement in half for home theater and leaving the other half for other things. I must use the long wall for surround speakers and will have a sectional against that wall. That limits my options for surrounds and their placement, I can't have them on stands to the sides, because the sectional will be pushed against the wall and corner, and even if I did manage to squeeze a speaker on stand, it would be too close to someones ear who's sitting closest to it. As I understand, my only option is to hang or mount the surrounds on the wall equal distance apart and above ear level. Big question is what type of speakers to buy. Bookshelf or bipole, and where to place them exactly on that wall? I'm really stuck at this point, would really appreciate everyone's input, and who knows, it might help someone in the future with a similar situation. Please see the pictures attached, as it is much easier to show than explain it all. If you have an idea, please don't hesitate to draw and add on to my pictures of where you think it's best to place the speakers, it would really help a lot. I know the room is far from ready acoustically, but that will come last. The current speakers I have so far are: RP-8000F RP-450C I will also need to decide on which Atmos speakers and sub(s), but that's another topic. For the receiver I will be choosing Marantz. Thank you all.
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