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  1. Thanks for the heads up on the Speaker Power amps. I'll give our usual vendors a couple of weeks to produce something before I get impatient. The subs are currently running off some older B&W SA1000 sub amps we had here. They seem to do OK up through moderate volume but run out of headroom at more spirited levels. Still though, holy crap, this system is fantastic, just totally effortless sound. We are running the THX in-ceiling and in-wall speakers for atmos & surround channels. Nothing is EQ'd yet, but the initial impressions are just wow.
  2. Yay! We just received our RCC-122-BTS system, will hopefully have it up and rocking in our showroom in the next couple of weeks! For anyone around the minneapolis / st. paul area, you are welcome to stop in and check it out once its set up. We are stupid busy with systems for customers and they come first (we have to pay for our awesome toys somehow), so it may take a bit longer than planned. Also, have discovered it is damn hard to find any kind of 2000+ watt sub amps at the moment (at least from the manufacturers we carry). In the meantime, we will unbox a couple of the LCRs and hook them up to play with as a stereo pair.
  3. You could use an HDMI audio extractor like the following and then hook the optical to your Sunfire TGP https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=24278
  4. Thanks all. Speakers sold tonight. They are off to a new home, will be running off some Bel Canto e.One gear. It'll be the best amps they've ever been hooked up to!
  5. Hi all, these are mine. I've updated the listing to reflect the condition of the bottom. I've been using the same stands for 16 years and they have these little isolation spikes on them. Anyway, they are still here, ready for a new owner
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