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  1. Counter offer from seller of $850. Made him a final offer he will get back to me, wants to ask a few more people if they are interested over the next couple weeks. Who knows I may end up with a pair of LaScalas to restore. If not there are more Klipsch out there to hunt for.
  2. I enjoy my HK730 with a KG4s. Tried HK430 with KG2's but when I tried HK330C with KG2's I liked the setup better for some reason. Have Scott R77S also, tuner is very precise, tried swapping that in with the KG4's it was good, just different sound profile than the HK equipment.
  3. Here are some pics of these units. Seller is hesitating on the offer I made him of $600. Told him it is open offer. Has anyone ever seen this badging. With small old style badge in upper right corner of one, Upper left corner of the other? Not the best pictures.
  4. Sure DizRotus your photos look much like the ones I am looking at except the badging. The ones I am looking at are much cleaner.overall, cabinets show less wear. The board components do not have near as much oxidation as yours did. I am looking at them for home use and not thrilled about the black cabinet look. Would prefer furniture grade cabinet units. But how often am I going to find a pair of these sitting around locally now a days. I guess I am considering the function over form. What is the light colored material I am seeing around the perimeter of those cabinets? It is a nice contrast to the black, breaks it up a bit.
  5. You guys are an amazing wealth of knowledge. HBDRbuilder is accurate in his description of these speakers. AA network, Alnico K77, Alnico K55V on K400 horn, and K-33 in bass bin. Small badges in upper right front corners on both cabinets. Access door is on top of bass bin. They are very plain looking in that painted black plywood. These were actually in a theater for their entire life about ten feet up in the air in boxes mounted next to a stage. Pricing issues are the only thing holding me off right now. The cabinets need attention, plywood is delaminted or flaking in a few spots near the bottom. Aesthetically they would need to be restored or I suppose could be laminated. Also concerned about preserving the paper tags glued on the back. Will have to buy that pair of tweeters from DizRotus, and woofers and mids sound fine but isn't it likely they may need attention being so old? Like I said would probably re-cap. Just for reliability. I would run with them for $500-$600, but the condition they are in they don't seem like $1,000 to me. Too much work to be done to them. Am I wrong on pricing?
  6. I am more of a let things find me kinda guy. If it is meant to be then it shall. More of an in person buyer also. This pair I found is all original one blown tweeter still intact, one missing tweeter. Still original caps on board. Would like to set them up as original as possible upgrade caps maybe. Find period tweeter or tweeter matched pair. GO from there. Maybe try upgrade tweeters and see how I like the sound over originals. Just waiting out the Firm price seller. I was the first one to look at them.
  7. I am looking at a pair of La Scala that came out a of a local theater. They are 1974 units. One is missing one of the K77 tweeters otherwise everything is pretty much untouched. They are black plywood/ lacquer paint cabinets, have little Klipsch badges on the wood in the top corners. How difficult is it going to be for me to find one or a pair of K-77 AlNiCo tweeters from that era? Currently running HK730 with KG4s and HK430 with KG2s. Really would like to own these La Scalas as a natural progression into Kilpschland. Still debating with guy he wants $1,000 for them. Would like to grab them for around $600. Any opinions?
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