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  1. Hey all, it’s $750 for the pair of II’s. I’m figuring that for the cost of a couple of crossovers I’d be well on my way. Is the newer woofer a lot different? According to the specs it’s about the same. And are the newer titanium drivers better? There’s where I have no idea. Those who have heard both, please give me some thoughts. I’d like to replace the connectors on the back with five way posts like the three’s have. Is that just a simple switch? Thanks again. JD
  2. Hello, I have the opportunity to get some 1985 Hersey II’s for under $800. What will I need to do to update them to Hersey III levels without replacing everything? Can I get by with just changing the crossover and the posts on the back, or is there a lot more that I should do? Could do, I know involves replacing everything. That’s why I’m asking about should do. Is there much of a “Used” parts market out there or will I have to only get parts from Klipsch? How much do you think it will cost for parts? Do you think I’m waisting my time and should just buy new? Anything else you can think of? Thanks all. JD
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