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  1. All true! With the AA Maestro 150 you have more low frequency but at the end I prefere the 2A3 sound. More equilibrated and refined. I Will try the el34 integrated amp next month that could be a good compromise.
  2. Also my wife likes the La Scala! Thx!! Grazie! I'm trying to compare 3 different kind of integrated amplifier: Audio Analogue Maestro (SS 150w) Unison Research S6 (Single ended el34 25w A class) and Tektron TK2a3/45SI ref ( 2a3 3,2w).
  3. Unfortunately there Is no space now. It seems that I have take measures of the loudspeakers three Years ago when I did some works... But in the future I'll move the Window and It Will be Better. Thx I'm smiling too! Finally I'm enjoing music and not thinking how to improve or change the cables!
  4. Ciao Rudolphe, Next time you'll be in Milano send me a message and I'll show you the La Scala! All the works on the loudspeakers seems to be made by the fabric. In every case All Is done in perfect way. I paid 2.5. For me Is a right price. I've seen from 3.5 in worst conditions. I like the belle style, that All Is original and the alnico components... I Will change capacitors buying from Crities and I'm not planning to add a sub. I had b&W, Sonus Faber and Opera loudspeakers and, for me, the bass section now Is Better. A lot better, so... Hope to meet you in Milano! Ciao, Cristiano
  5. Ciao, La Scala ara in my house since 6 days. I'm really pleased and surprised. I can't believe that something coming from a past so far (1975) can sound so good and modern. For me is incredible. I'm not a freshman in hi-fi audio world... The stage and the disposition of the instrument in the space are great. The pleasure of listening is fantastic. And the most surprising thing are the bass performance: perfect. (I'll kilck next person who say that La Scala has no bass!) I'm definitely in love.
  6. Ciao Rudolph, I have just bought the La Scala that you were interested in! Thx for your mind change hahaha Your Belle are beautiful! The La Scala in my house:
  7. Ciao a tutti, this Is my first post here. I've just bought this pair of La Scala from an old man who owns It since 1976. He was a seller of Klipsh loudspeakers in Torino and for himself he asked for a particular style and color. He said that Everything Is original (AA crossover and alnico components) and these beauties have been since 1976 in the same position in his house... The sound Is wanderful. I'm using a valve integrated amplifier with 2a3. What do you think about this 'belle" style? Grazie!
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