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  1. What type of plywood was used to build Heresy HBR cabinets? I understand that it's Birch, 3/4" thick, and it appears to be 7 ply... but what about fillers, grade, etc etc. thx
  2. What type of plywood are the HBRs made of? I understand it's Birch, it's 3/4" thick, and it appears to be 7 ply... but what about fillers, grade, etc etc. Thanks!
  3. How much were these? Can you put me in contact with the person(s) who are making these?
  4. Here are some photos of our first try at a Heresy refinish/upgrade... using yamahaSHO's project as our inspiration. I will update as we make progress on our 'rainy day' project. These are the original cabinets as we received them, followed by some light sanding, a coat of stain, and another coat of stain. Unfortunately there are not many pictures from the sanding stage, my bad.  
  5. That's interesting, they are made in 2 speaker and 4 speaker... but not the 3 speaker configuration that I need. 😅 Yes, I think building a plate of some sort is the way to go.
  6. Will do. I should have taken more photos before I got started!
  7. Perfect! Are these the correct type of crimp tool? If mine come out 3/4 as good as your speakers did I will be super happy! Thanks again!!
  8. Thanks! What size are the quick disconnect tabs on the woofers, drivers, etc? Did you use crimp on all those connectors, or did you solder? o I got some empty H1 cabs that I am outfitting with the same Crites gear. Just trying to make sure I get all the correct size/type connectors. Your speaker rebuild looks (and certainly sounds) great!
  9. How do most folks add three pair of binding post to a H3? I have looked all over and have yet to locate a one that would swap out for the H3 cup with dual binding posts. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks, just making sure I was not missing some special part that is only sold at one place.
  11. Actually I was curious about the terminations on the Kicker cables. Thanks!
  12. For those of you who are setup for tri-amp, what do your speaker connections on the exterior of the cabinet look like? Does anyone make a one piece 'cup' with three pairs of binding posts, instead of just two? Thanks
  13. That makes sense. I just need to get a look at the passive crossover and make sure I understand what exactly needs to be disconnected. I also have some empty Heresy I cabinets that I have been planning to build out. Perhaps starting from scratch would make more sense and help me to understand more along the way. IF you were going to bi or tri amp a pair of H1s... what passive crossover would you start with?
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