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  1. These plans are really detailed. Any chance you would share the CAD file? Thanks!
  2. I am looking for one (or two) La Scala cabinets for a project. Thx
  3. Here are a few more photos of the homemade H1 cabinets, sorry these are all out of order. I tried to give credit to the builder, but he does not like having his photo taken.
  4. I am curious how the staples work out for you. I bought some material from Crites to put over the Masonite boards. I have looked at some other H1 grilles and the cloth appears to be glued on. My H3s almost look like they used a super strong double side tape.
  5. Interesting. I will have to look around.
  6. I guess I would have to see it. Is it just solid lumber?
  7. I did not. I just asked for the best quality veneer core. I showed them what I was trying to duplicate and this was the best they had. I need to go to some of the other local lumber yards.
  8. Does that mean BB on both sides? Or B on both sides? I asked about B/B (no footballs on either side) but they did not have any where I went.
  9. Thanks Randy, I will pass that compliment along. I already showed him some drawings for the La Scala and he is ready to try it. I bought the plywood in 5x5 sheets for about $45 per sheet, that was six weeks ago.
  10. I was able to score some B/BB grade, veneer core, Baltic Birch in 3/4. The staples are showing, oh well... it gives them character... right? FWIW, the fellow who built these is an electrician by trade and this was his first attempt at building any sort of cabinets.
  11. What type of glue did you use to affix the grille fabric to the grille board? Do you have any tips/tricks/advice to share? thx
  12. Those look great. I know the feeling though...
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