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  1. The wires are labeled very well for easy identification.
  2. Correct. Attached is the cut sheet for the cable I have on hand. (Part# CF130US-25-07) It is technically a flexible machine control cable. My plan is to use 2 conductors per 'channel' (not sure if that is correct technical term). Right now I have three pairs of speaker cable running between each amp and speaker cabinet. This will let me clean up the cable clutter by having them wrapped in one cable jacket... but I am unclear if the signals will interfere with one another. Your advice is very much appreciated! I will try building one assembly and see how it sounds. CF130US-25-07.pdf
  3. Can 7C 14ga multiconductor cable be used to carry audio signal from three separate amplifiers (high - mid - low) to their respective speaker drivers? Would this type of cable need to be shielded or twisted in some certain way? I would like to build custom cable assemblies to run from my amps to each of my LaScalas. Thanks
  4. Ok, this was taken with 3ms on tweeter and 1.5ms on mid. Including both the All SPL plot and the spectrogram.
  5. So right now I have 1.5ms on the tweeters, 0ms on mids, and 0ms on woofers. Are you saying I should add 2ms to the woofers, and leave the tweeters and horns alone at 1.5ms and 0ms, respectively?
  6. This is what I got with 1.5ms on tweeter only. This is 'zoomed' in to the lower range of the same image above, what type of delay do the horns need? 3.5-ish??
  7. This measurement was taken from a tri-amped LaScala. Do the tweeters need 2ms delay and horns 3.5ms?
  8. It was a pleasure meeting both of you this afternoon. Enjoy the speakers!
  9. Sure thing. I will send you a DM.
  10. This is local pickup only, sorry.
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