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  1. Ok, this was taken with 3ms on tweeter and 1.5ms on mid. Including both the All SPL plot and the spectrogram.
  2. So right now I have 1.5ms on the tweeters, 0ms on mids, and 0ms on woofers. Are you saying I should add 2ms to the woofers, and leave the tweeters and horns alone at 1.5ms and 0ms, respectively?
  3. This is what I got with 1.5ms on tweeter only. This is 'zoomed' in to the lower range of the same image above, what type of delay do the horns need? 3.5-ish??
  4. This measurement was taken from a tri-amped LaScala. Do the tweeters need 2ms delay and horns 3.5ms?
  5. It was a pleasure meeting both of you this afternoon. Enjoy the speakers!
  6. Sure thing. I will send you a DM.
  7. This is local pickup only, sorry.
  9. Ah! Was the power failure just a power outage, or did you have a surge/spike event?
  10. Any time during the week, 6am - 4pm is best for me. These are at my shop, near 820 and Sun Valley.
  11. I have a Furman. I thought you were saying the XILICA needed to be on a dedicated surge protector with no other devices plugged into it.
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