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  1. Yes I plan to use ditch the cubes and use the R14 as the surrounds. just noticed klipsch is having a big sale. which towers would all recommend? R820F are 50% off!!
  2. Yes its all drywalled. here are the pics. sorry its messy I am literally the only one using this room. The wife has the rest of the house. 😏
  3. Hey Billy. The previous owner had it set up like a bar with pool table. the room is all open above the waist but on the right side you have the bar taking up 5 feet of space on the left side the room is cut in half with a waist height bar for putting drinks on while playing pool. so basically im using one end for a home gym and the other end for my home theater. its all drywalled and heavily trimmed in oak. its a 1989 built home that im renovating so going where the return is, kitchen first, flooring, master bath etc... basement would be last if at all.
  4. 2 years ago I purchased: 65" 4k tv Denon AVRX1300W 2) R14M for R & L RP250C center R10SW sub rears are small cheap cubes harmon kardon left over from an old home theater in box set up. The room set up: finished half basement 15FT wide 12.5FT deep ( goes another 12.5 back but its my gym area) 7FT 2IN ceiling height viewing chair is 8FT from screen My question is how do i improve? all movie watching, concerned more with quality of sound as this set up can already shake the lights up stairs. would towers be too much up front? its a small space. maybe better bookshelfs up front move the R14 to the back? i would like to incorporate atmos if possible. better in a tower like R625FA or book shelf with RP500SA? what say the experts? Thanks
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