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  1. Hi All, I have had a set of Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 THX Certified Computer Speakers for almost 10 yrs. Recently, the right satellite speaker (the one with the pod) on the set I had was producing very low volume compared to the left however the sub was still thumping great. I thought it was the sound card on my pc so I had a spare and replaced it. No difference. I swapped the wires in he sub thinking maybe I goofed when I reconnected them (I just moved to a new home) That wasn't it. I tried a different source with both the audio out plug and via the aux input on the pod and checked the balance with the same results. I figured well its just the satellite so being that I just couldn't find a replacement satellite (with pod) I opted to purchase a new set via amazon. They arrived today. The new set were a little different in that they had the VGA type input for the pre-amp whereas the old set had a din plug running from the pod. I set them up and tried them out. I was still having the same issue. The left satellite worked fine and the sub was thumping but the right (with the pod) was almost inaudible. I was baffled. I tried a different source. Still low volume on the right side. The next thing I did was swap the wires going into the sub from the satellites (left channel satellite into the right inputs and vice versa) All of the sudden I have full volume in both speakers. That's great BUT...but now I run the sound test on the balance in my sound card the left channel audio is in the right side and vice versa. What's the deal??? Why can't I get the right channel to play at proper volume when they are input to the proper channel on the sub? Why is it only when I swapped the inputs do I get full volume on the satellites? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  2. Hey, Did you ever figure out what the issue was with this?? I ask because as of late I am having the same issue. The right channel is not completely dead but the volume is significantly lower than the left. I have done the same as you and even tried different sources to see if it was maybe something with my sound-card in my pc. Unfortunately I am thinking its just an issue with the satellite and will have to be replaced. I wish I could just buy the single speaker though rather than the whole set.
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