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  1. Hi, thank you for the feedback. Do you have experience on McIntosh, Audio Control & Arcam power amplifiers (5 or 7 channel)??
  2. My present system is: I am using 5.1 home theater with KLIPSCH RF7II (fronts), RC64II (center) & RF62II (surrounds) Marantz 7701 as pre-amp Parasound A52 power amplifier. I am very much satisfied with above Parasound amp. However I am in the process of its UPGRADE …NOT for more power …. But for BETTER QUALITY. Looked at McIntosh 8207, Audiocontrol Savoy G3 and Arcam HDA PA720 power amplifiers. I have the following apprehensions: 1. Klipsch speakers have very high sensitivity (101, 98 & 97 db respectively). Driving these speakers with very powerful McIntosh, Audocontrol & Arcam selected power amplifiers is OK? 2. Will there be compatibility between the speakers and selected amplifiers? 3. Will my existing Marantz AV7701 processor drive effectively the McIntosh/Audiocontrol/Arcam amps? Request you valuable inputs, to conclude my upgrade.
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