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  1. Love the part about "all those you care about"...😄
  2. Interesting that you should ask, I'm just now trying to establish that. At first blush, the LS50s take more power (i.e. play louder) to open up. Played quietly, they are pretty lacking, particularly in things like detail and sound stage. On the other hand, the KG4s play really precisely and with lots of detail quietly. A real advantage for us since I'm a stay up late guy and my wife is not. OTOH, my (again early) impression is that the LS50s have a richer mid range and really complement well done smooth studio recordings. The KG4s, however, are really marvelous for live stuff. Lots of snap and slap...a real sense of being there. I"m running a Bryston 4B SST for amplification - 400 wpc into 4 ohms. Just got a new preamp that can run tubes or solid state so lots experimenting to do.
  3. Paint still drying but I'm much pleased with the exterior refinish on these. Original veneer was cracking off and kinda ugly even though it look ok in a photo. This is a pebble grain gun metal like color. Turns out that, completely by accident, the front panel color I picked almost exactly matches the drivers. Debating about leaving the grills off normally but the speakers are a bit overwhelming in my zen like listening room. Was surprised to discover that they sounded much better closer to the wall than I've typically kept my LS50s. In any case, I have a question for anyone: While I love the crispness of their sound and great presence on live performances but the lower mid-range these seems a bit thin. Can that be adjusted with mods? i.e. changes in cross over, more interior padding, weights on rear passive, anything? I have a sub (SVS SB1000) so the bottom end works fine. Thanks, Dan
  4. Put one on each side. Should be slightly longer than the height?
  5. That's really inspiring! My room's a bit smaller but those LSs would probably fit fine. What amp is that? Experimenting with flea power tubes was one of the itches that set me on this Klipsch path.
  6. Well, I've started the hot rod phase. Damn, these things come apart so logically. I can recognize most of the parts. :😎
  7. billybob Thanks for the offer. I'm on the New Hampshire coast about 45 minutes from Boston. Funny, i was going to start refinishing the KG 4s this weekend but that's not gonna happen. I've discovered they play really nice quietly. Opens up all sort of opportunities after dinner. Feel like I'm being happily sucked into a new listening dimension. Really looking forward to driving with tube pre, which should arrive any day now. Going forward my challenge is to find a way to listen to the other vintage models that have been recommended. Dan
  8. Thanks everyone! Really helpful perspectives. Would this be a good summary of the food chain starting with my KG 4s - in terms of you've suggested? KG 4 => Heresy => Quartet => Forte => Chorus => Cornwall => La Scala ???? My listening room is 13x21x7.5 but the listening position is constrained to 12' from front wall by a trivial need to hold up the floor above (i.e. load bearing beam). Walls are hand laid field stones, very irregular and ceiling is open beams with sprayed on insulation. I did some surfing last night and there seems to be support for the Quartet/Forte/Chorus area most of you recommended. They also have a form factor that appeals to me. Given that I live in New Hampshire, there's not a lot of opportunity to test drive models and I don't like to "kick tires" for the ones on sell & waste peoples' time. So for now, my plan would be: - LIve with my KG4s for my tube experiment and mess with them upgrading/restoring/hot rodding (love that kinda thing). They were cheaper than most of my interconnects. - Keep an eye out for the Quartet/Forte/Chorus types as I go. Suspect any of them will be a great next step. Making this jump would depend on how liveable the KG4s turn out to be and what kind of buy I can get. Beat up cabinets with solid drivers and cross overs would be perfect for me. I'd like to stay in the legacy area and not consider new ones . . . it's part of the charm and bragging rights. - Find some way hear La Scalas so I completely mess up my audio aspirations. Again, thanks for your insights! Dan
  9. About 24 hours ago, a really nice guy sold me his "80s babies", a really nice set of Klipsch KG 4s. 1986 I think. My first Klipsch set. Backstory: I recently decided to try tubes (tube pre on order) and wanted something really efficient to drive them and that I could resell after this experiment. I put them in place of my KEF LS50s (computer flac files => Mytek pre => Bryston 4B sst) and my jaw dropped. Damn things were way more interesting than I imagined. Love the detail and the way they can handle playing quiet or the Dead with equal skill. A bit bright but interesting enough that I started thinking about refinishing the cabinets and perhaps refreshing the cross over, caps, etc. . . . you know futzing with them. It dawned on me somewhere in the middle of eight or ninth CD that rather than put that effort into the KG 4s, maybe I should think in terms of upgrading to something higher up the Klipsch food chain. So here's the question - what part of the aforementioned food chain would you suggest? As you think about the more accomplished vintage models Klipsch made, is there a "break point", a place where one begins to see the "heart and soul" of Klipsch? Or maybe said another way, as you go up the ladder, what do you gain in more accomplished models? My listening room is smallish but all mine, so size is limited to keeping me on the good side of my neighbors (i.e. no La Scala's and the room has bad corners). I will have, any moment, a nice tube front end. And, oh yes, I have vinyl...lots of vinyl...maybe too much vinyl. Anyway, thanks for any insights. I look forward to learning more! Dan
  10. Hi I just discovered this site so haven't registered yet. But can provide plenty of bona fides if the conversation needs it. I have a couple Pentax bodies and at least two if not three lenses. Will have to check model no.s in AM. Bad news is I'm in New England (on several levels) which may make any further discussion moot. In any case, if you think its worth talking further, let me know. Thanks, Dan
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