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  1. 7 channel emotiva amp This amp is Brand new Sealed in box. Had some extra credit with Emotiva and picked this up. New over $700 with tax. Asking $550 cash only. Prefer pickup in wisconsin
  2. For just a few hundred more I picked up a used pb13 ultra and now am selling my klipsch r115sw. While I don't have any graphs I'm beyond happy and finally my large room is filled pretty well. It really sounds like the equivalent to 2 or 3 subs worth of klipsch
  3. Just a price ballpark Glws https://slickdeals.net/f/14049476-klipsch-rp-8000f-s-rp-404c-rp-402s-s-rel-ht-1205-sub-yamaha-rx-a780-receiver-2599-rp-8060fa-s-rp-504c-rp-502s-s-rel-ht-1205-sub-yamaha-rx-a780-receiver-3299?src=SiteSearchV2Algo1
  4. Yeah I've got 5 klipsch icons I'll be selling and selling the denon 930 to upgrade to a receiver with preouts and probably a xpa11. I'm thinking atmos down the road and big oomph on those rf7iiis.
  5. Thanks river. If I'm not mistaken I think I got an emotiva amp from you years ago. I'm loving this klipsch sub so far...well actually all of it. Now to bring back the glory days and upgrade my receiver and find an amp.
  6. Now the owner of a Klipsch R-115SW. Be fun to see how this plays with the paradigm seismic 12a.
  7. Got my new speaker stands today and wiring comes Monday. New pictures after installing new floor is starting to make these beautiful pieces pop. The rc64iii is buried in the tv stand and hidden in the dark picture. Klipsch Rf7iii / Rc64iii / 4 rp600m in Walnut
  8. Did a full remodel of my upstairs flooring which was followed by ripping my basement ceiling to run in wall wire for the klipsch. Now waiting on speaker stands and additional wiring to be shipped. Can't wait to have my system back and running.
  9. Thanks. Her verbal was Daaadddddd...the non verbal was please euthanize me now....hah I was thinking 30" stands to get them above the sides of couch?
  10. Poor kid has no idea what she's standing next to or that most "normal" people will never have the joy of experiencing something similar. She just knows it gets loud 😎
  11. Maybe interested....price to 53081?
  12. Haven't been on here in ages. Lost my info for elitedemo sign in and tried to contact Klipsch to restore account but unable and thus elitedemo7. Sold my beloved Klipsch rf83s rc64 rs62s rb81s and emotiva gear many years ago with some life changes and longed to have something close to it again. 2010 seems so long ago in my crude beginnings. I took some pictures of my daughter next to the speakers back then as I loved the size comparison and again recently after showing her the old picture of her...how time flies and equipment evolves. My eternal itching is almost cured as I purchased some gorgeous Klipsch Rf7iii / Rc64iii / 4 rp600m in Walnut. So far been running with a paradigm seismic 12a and denon 930 receiver. At the time I had a custom stand built for rc64 and as the dimensions changed I ended up reworking the stand to accommodate the Rc64iii. The receiver will hopefully be upgraded in the near future as well as the sub. Not quite sure what stands to use yet for the 4 rp600 and debating on picking up the Klipsch 502s yet.
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