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  1. I seem to remember other members having this issue, you might need to put a spacer under speaker. If members with more experience with a kappa c don't response here you might want do a separate post. I use one in my DIY center but it's front mounted, good luck. ,
  2. You forgot to sign the brace o magic, I like the idea of dating it. I have 2 SW 12's great for HT. I love the SW 12's cabinet, stripped and strained mine to match my chorus speakers. Been looking st CLS, ect. for a cheap pair of heavy duty subs for upgrade. Car subs come up cheap sometimes on for sale sites. Good luck with your project!
  3. I have stripped a black academy and sw12 sub with good results. If you look at the pic above notice how the grain stands out because of the old paint. Imho the highlight looks great when oiled or polyurethaned. You can try steel wool or sand paper but you still have to match the paint. In my experience this is hard to do without redoing the entire cabinet.
  4. I will play with it Sunday and post what I find. Eventually I would like to try a tube pre amp.
  5. Will be weekend before I get to look at Carver. Little surprised I thought the carver would a bigger improvement over the interga avr. Carver had slightly better mids and highs ( less grainy,clearer ) and bass seem to extend a little further into the room but nothing major. Think I need room conditioning but lately life keeps getting in the way. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can get a couple days dedicated to audio.
  6. Interesting thanks! I used pre outs from interga to carver amp and then to mains only, high power outputs to all others speakers. Worked so pre outs and high outputs can be use at the same time. Unfortunately I am getting a hum from main speakers hooked to Carver amp. Haven't checked out Carver but hook mains to reciever and hum is gone. For now I am going run interga till I get a chance to check out the carver. At least I know I can use pre out's and high outputs at the same time.
  7. This niles is a nice piece and may be use ful down the road, switcher and build in 12 volt trigger. Looked at manual for interga and if I understand it correctly the pre out and high outs work at the same time unless mode switch is pressed and turns off pre outs. If true I can hook the carver to the main pre out and the surrounds would still have high power to surrounds. ( Will that give more power to surrounds? ) There are no gains on the amp, if above works hoping I can use interga's setting to adjust volume on carver. I will post my finding later today, if this doesn't work the niles should be the answer. Now I am thinking nice pre amp to go with Carver, does it ever end.😍😋😮😮
  8. Sorry should have said level control and not volume control, Carver has none. Checked out the niles spk1 looks like the way to go. Still if the pre pro could run pre out and high power at the same time that might work, I will have to check an online manual.
  9. Yes - no volume control on carver amp.
  10. Like to listen to music mostly in 7.2 occasionally 2.2 channel. Thought the carver has dead but just discovered it still works! Would like run avr to center and surrounds and have Carver run mains while in 7.2 mode if possible. If not could I run speaker from avr 7.2 to all speakers including mains then another set of wires from Carver to mains. Would I need a switcher to disconnect one set of wires?
  11. Just tried zone 2 line out to Carver, loud no volume control at avr. Got to assume lineout is high power and not a pre out.
  12. Going to try zone 2 tonight will let you know what happens. Don't mind using the interga with pre outs, has some nice tuning features but it's older and doesn't have some of the more modern features. Still might use but can I run main speakers pre out and other 7.1 speakers off high power? (Surround speakers and center) If this would work I would only have 1 set of wires going to mains and not 2. Some times I like to listen to 2 channel for music most times 7.2.
  13. Want to hook up a Carver m1.0t amp and my avr to chorusII speakers. Using an onkyo avr that does not have 7.0 pre outs does have zone 2 and 3 line out. ( is the line out a pre out?) I do have an older integra that does have 7.1 pre outs. My goal is to use Carver on mains and use avr to power other 7.0 speakers. Do I need some sort speaker selector thanks.
  14. Looked at monoprice - smart switch 110 plug in 2 remote controlled 110 outlets. Should be able to use a single 110 volt light remote controlled outlet. (walmart, HD) Have some wall warts at home I can play with first to see if they will trigger all 4 speakers. Thanks for the suggestion!
  15. If I understand correctly remote controlled 110 wall plug plugged into a 12 volt step down. Thought about trying something like that, can't find a remote controlled110 input to 12 out trigger. I will check monoprice.
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