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  1. Live in Atlanta, looking to buy a single k510 horn. If I don't find in a few days I just get a zxpc off ebay, thanks.
  2. Generous! I didn't buy Dave's tweeter, at the time I was on the fence about keeping or selling the chorus I's. If you plan on keeping them one of Dave's tweeters maybe the way to go. My review should be in here somewhere, maybe search under road show ?
  3. When Dave a ran his road show I ran (iirc) his first run of the de 120 in my chorus I. More money than crites but a hell ofa tweeter.
  4. Not sure how your imaging is but you will love 3 across the front. I would play with front stage set up first and try to get everything to mix match together. I think that's part of reason I liked the revel surrounds. Different brand than klipsch but I was able to get to them match up better with mains. I also ran 3 subs which helped alot lam sure, didn't need alot of low end from surrounds. Ran a revel b 15 upfront and 2 lilmike anarchy subs midway on each side wall. Not sure if this was addressed to me but I live in Atlanta. Post pics of the new front stage please, good luck!
  5. Crites ti in both my chorus I and II tweeters, like them better than stock. Cheap to do and easily reversed, most people like them some don't. If you don't like them you can sell them here for only a slight loss.
  6. I think he has 2 lascala's in front and was considering a third for center channel. His surrounds I believe are true surrounds and not full range like a forte. My system did consist of chorus II mains and a DIY chorus center, front stage stage. Rear surround was chorus I's. It did sound good but I lost the chorus I's when I got a deal on 4 revel c30 surrounds. I like the revel surrounds better, I liked the more ambient sound. The chorus I's at times seemed to draw the sound to the rear. This has been my experience with full range surrounds, ymmv. Not trying to argue with anyone I am far from an expect. I ran middle level onkyo 7.2 recieve in an 11 by 17 by 8 ft room. Maybe room size, conditioning etc. could other be other factors to consider? Just trying to help from my experience. Islander I would love to hear your system, I am sure it sound fantastic! Curious how big is the room your setup is in, thanks.
  7. +2 with William Forte's imho would be over kill for surounds. From my experience good surrounds speakers will add better ambience that a full sized speak. Fortes not needed and a waste of money with your present system. .
  8. Have sub flat (on casters) on floor facing listen position now. Sounds good but I want try and gain some room for a center channel speaker. 12 inches is alot so I think I will try it straight up, thanks.
  9. Yes sub horizontal, facing ceiling or floor. Sub access door facing listening position.
  10. If you are talking about the plane of the mouth yes horizontal. Like a mounted TV only sub sitting on floor with mouth point either up or down. I am trying to gain some room to put a center channel speaket in front of sub. Hope this makes sense, thanks.
  11. I will check with PE and manufacturer. Sub is presently slightly elevated off floor (casters)mouth facing forward. Considering facing mouth up or down due to center channel speaker, how will this effect SQ of sub with different placement? Would new placement affect Sub SQ dramatically? If so I will leave it as is, thanks.
  12. I am thinking of point my f20 with mouth either straight up or down, if down sub will be elevated. Sub will be center between my mains on a 12 ft wide wall with a 60 inch TV in front of sub. Good idea, bad idea, pros and cons- thanks!
  13. What don't you like about them? Refresh as mentioned, maybe upgrades. Have you checked cabinets for leaks? Other members like the claire speaker replacement upgrade. Could be (Maybe not) cheaper/easier than selling/ buying new speakers. Good luck!
  14. Is it fixable, hard to tell from pic? Exopy and hard plastic strips from sides of speaker mount to horn body epoxy in? If. you take horn off is there a lip? Maybe drill four small holes glue and screw together or glue in four dowel pins.
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