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  1. This guy is a resaler in Atlanta, buys low sells high.
  2. Lbk

    Cf2's for sale Atlanta ga

    Listen to them a little today, not perfectly set up just set in front of my chorus II. Tomorrow I hope to dampen the horn and. check for any cabinet leaks possible change/add poly fill. Will add my lil Mike's sub's to the mix tomorrow. Think I need to start a new thread.
  3. Ok thanks for the heads up. Google parts express coupons, might save you a couple bucks.
  4. If and only if madman does buy not your mic I would be interested in it, 2nd in line.
  5. Lbk

    Cf2's for sale Atlanta ga

    Picked them up yesterday, they need some work put have potential. Going to work on them today and set them up with my lil Mike subs. (Yes I finally finished them) Tomorrow will be a rain day for me so I will play and review them and subs tomorrow.
  6. I have a parts Express mic I would sell. Tried to get it to work with rew but I could not get the file to download. There is a way to do it just couldn't figure it out. You buy mine, I buy Joe's and everybodies happy. PM me if interested.
  7. Ok thanks, I am going to do a little more research but I think I can make HD roxul work. I have a different idea for frames pine/lumber is getting expensive. Might be interesting to see the link you used to build your diffusers. I don't think most people realize what's involved.
  8. If you haven't bought your BB plywood I would look for another sourse. HD BB plywood or there MDF is not very good quality. I recently bought BB from rockler wood supply for a good price, they are a national chain. Do a search for BB plywood for sale in your area. Read up on MDF there are different grades, if HD MDF gets near water it absorbs it like a sponge. Then it gets black mold spots, not good. If you do use HD MDF seal it to help keep water out.
  9. Sorry to get off topic but what did you use for acoustic material in your sound panels. What size are they, I am looking at roxul from HD - 12 pieces 3,"by 151/4" by 47". Is 3" thick enough?
  10. Lbk

    Cf2's for sale Atlanta ga

    Atlanta Georgia, doraville.
  11. Lbk

    Cf2's for sale Atlanta ga

    Going to email him tomorrow setup a demo and pickup time for Saturday. Should have them going sunday.
  12. Lbk

    Cf2's for sale Atlanta ga

    Impulse buy, always wanted to hear something from the cf line. I realize these aren't 3's or 4's but I think I will get my money back when I am done tinkering with them.🤔
  13. Lbk

    Cf2's for sale Atlanta ga

    I offered 250.00 and he accept but can't do the transaction till Saturday. Not a done deal till speakers are hand, will see what happens.
  14. Atlanta craigslist 300 bucks, cherry dust cover needs to be relaced.
  15. Cf 2's with dust cover's off in cherry, 300 bucks Atlanta ga. Craigslist Atlanta
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