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  1. Or throw an old blanket over him.
  2. Yes definitely and a space saver, but I am not sure I want to spend money on an amp that is over 15 years. With today's tech. I think there are better, cheaper solutions. Still sounds good running off my avr old hafler amp and still have some sub adjustment.
  3. I bought it from the alert section you posted a few years back. 500.00 and picked up the 4 matching surrounds for 350.00 from the same person. Found the matching center on Ebay for 100.00 shipped, a little beat up but they fixed up nicely. The b15 amp started giving me troubles about 8 months ago so I am running it with an old hafler amp. Nice sub but I have to decide if I want get old amp fixed or buy a stand alone sub amp. I am thinking maybe mini dsp hd? Thanks for the alert I do like the sub!
  4. I have the matching surrounds center and a b15 sub. Came close to getting m20's but I like a larger speakers for mains. Never hear them but they got great reviews. Hope you enjoy your new speakers!
  5. Are those revel's in the back ground? The heresy's look nice. By
  6. Curious are the de10's same ohms as original tweeter. Pictures please if possible, I would like to a lmahl tweeter installed. Thanks!
  7. For the money very nice, thanks for the pic!
  8. As stated belles in atlanta craigslist, also ad says he has khorns for sale.
  9. Ok thanks for the heads up, I will have to order a pair. I also have single badge floating around my house somewhere.
  10. Could post your impressions of badges when you get them, I need a single for a chorus I. Thanks!
  11. Interesting idea with the vinyl, I have a window where it could be useful. So thick vinyl tighly staped and what looks like vinyl side towards window?
  12. You could start a separte post with pics of xo and get some expert opinons before taking it apart. There are some good xo people here, I'am not one of them.
  13. I ran kp 250's in rear chorus I's mains and academy center channel for a while. Then upgrade the academy to a diy chorus I center. Academy was nice but the diy center was a better tonal match. You have the potentail for a nice 5.1 set up.
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