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  1. Is it fixable, hard to tell from pic? Exopy and hard plastic strips from sides of speaker mount to horn body epoxy in? If. you take horn off is a lip? Maybe drill four small holes glue and screw together or glue in four dowel pins.
  2. Try doing a search for - fiddling - Look for topic, fiddling around with k402 stands.
  3. I ran an academy with chorus I's and didn't really like it. The academy bass for me didn't seem to match the I's. Nice speaker just didn't work well for me as a center. Did a DIY chorus center, much better.
  4. Lbk

    Wtb k510 damaged ok

    Just thought I would give forum a chance first. Besides thought I might get lucky and find one with mumps. Once I'm done with it I'll be selling it unless I find a damaged one.
  5. Lbk

    Wtb k510 damaged ok

    Mumps preferred but not necessary.
  6. Ok, I have some Dayton audio caps for chorus II. When I got my II's bought ctites cap kit and didn't know they where already rebuild with Dayton audio caps.
  7. Do you need complete xover or just the capacitors?
  8. Looking for a k510 for a project, damaged ok. Let me know if you have one and amount of damage if any. I live in Atlanta, thanks.
  9. Would there be installed around entire speaker or just the top? 😊
  10. Crites did sell a chorus mid also, not sure if they still do but worth checking.
  11. Good info, thanks.
  12. I might have to try those, I remember trying different things from HD and only got frustrated. Thanks for posting link!
  13. Osram orginal 79.99 free shipping. Company Abitan has one for 66.99 free shipping, company has good reviews 180 day warranty. I trust your reviews more then amazon, if I don't find a better deal I will go with the Osram.
  14. Seems orginal is the way to go, I decided to buy just the bulb and use my housing. Orginal bulb is kind of middle of the road between generic lamp and and OEM. 38 bucks is a deal looks like mine will run around 70bucks for a bulb shipped. Did your old one blow up, heard a small pop and saw small flame when mine blew. That was a WTH moment.
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