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  1. Did you sell yet,if not, I have these and would definitely trade plus cash.al5 jan2020 bstock.
  2. Would like to buy the complete kpt535 if possible have 2019 la Scala al5 for trade in walnut.
  3. Have a pair of bstock la Scala al5 for sale, would definitely like to get a deal done.
  4. I think they are from the Klipsch designer series.i could be wrong!
  5. Are they still available and will you ship.
  6. Almost new XD 4080.perfect 950
  7. Can they work with la Scala al5s.
  8. You could try a pair of kpt250 which are essentially heresy lll that are angled@15 degrees down and sound fantastic and come with brackets. KPT-250-Data-Sheet-v09.pdf
  9. I'm just programming the xillica xd 4080 which has the xlr.bought seismic audio xlr to rca to my outlaw 7200 and really getting some excellent and some shitty sounds so far got a mic for tomorrow so hopefully I can finish set up.
  10. I have both but for$take Cornwall ll you'll have them 4ever.
  11. I did compare the 820 against the forte lll.820 lost big in depth and bass extension.dont think 7lll are that great for the price.
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