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  1. Yes thank you and BillyBob for looking out for me. I have A-line on 2 cherry perfect RF7 originals plus and RC7 cherry original for 600 That Billy Bob turn me on to.. But if that go sour in a week I would be very intrested Thank you so much
  2. Hello all, wanting to find some replacement or upgraded tweeter horns for some RF 83's. My friend has a blown one on one of his and I'm thinking might as well get a few spares. You KlipschFiles are rubbing off on me!
  3. That's so weird...facebook just pushed me an ad for the Dirac Live. I have never heard of it before. I'm feeling kind of Like Rod Serling is behind my curtains now. In fact that ad reminded me to check my messages on here and low and behold. Thanks I will look back at ad now!
  4. Thank you BillyBob! You're always spot on!
  5. Thank you. I wonder why it only happens on one of them? I know...don't look a gift horse in the mouth!!! Lol any idea about the 0 to 180 setting?
  6. I have 2 RSW-15's and I might have a problem in one or a setting that is wrong. When doing the youtube sub test that counts down the Hertz 5 at a time...one sub at a certain hz. Makes 2 loud taps as I can describe it. All the other hz. And while playing them no problem at all. Has anyone else encountered this or is a simple setting this noob has missed. While I'm here...I have them set at 80 hz. And 0 on the 0 to 180 thingy! Lol what is best to set that too?
  7. I know I'm looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack but if I will ever find one or two of these...it will be here!
  8. Matrixx9

    Klipsch Parts

    That isn't the amount, lol. It is a generic default amount...look again. 1...2...3...4...5...etc.
  9. Once I got my original Klipsh set up and realized that besides not having the ability to set the thermostat under 74 in the summer, and under 75 in the winter PLUS being able to listen to my music or movies under -25...I decided to go solo. It's just a matter of numbers!!! Happy life, no more wife!
  10. Show it all. Can't click rest if picks!
  11. Yes sir it is Dolby atmos enabled Ceptorman. I usually use the Dolby surround setting. When I try 7 channel stereo is when I would expect to hear the rear.. but I hear zero volume. Like I said I can hear it only when i put it on neo6 whatever the heck that is but the rest of the speaker take a majority power hit. Almost like a 30db power cut mute button would do. I have to RF82's as my rear surround and it is basically unused. I will say this though. The addition of the amp make my front soundstage sound and feel like I'm in front if a freight train. I had never really heard my beloved Klipsch before. Thanks for the help Ceptor!
  12. For the record I connected the L C R and left and right surrounds as my 5 channels hoping, praying that now that 5 channels/amps taken from the Yamaha would have run my "extra" speakers but nope. The only way I can get my rear surrounds to produce sound is when I set the Yamaha to neo6 which makes the rest of the speakers drop considerably.
  13. I am not being lazy. I have read the manual, I have read the yamaha forums and although I have found the right topics, the posters talk way over my head. Here goes I, at the present moment have a Yamaha RX A1070--- 7 amps/nine channels. I'm enclosing a pic of the rear. I finally scraped enough to get an Emotiva 5 channel amp that from what I read was going to fix my problems. My setup is as follows... FRONT L PRESCENSE FRONT R PRESCENSE L C R SUR L SUR R REAR SURR L SURR IN THE REAR OF the receiver the pre outs have rear surround as EXTRA spkr 1 And front prescense as EXTRA spkr 2 My problem WAS...while playing music OR movies my rear surrounds would not play while my front prescense would. 7 channels 7 amps. So I read on all forums an external amp with at LEAST 2 channels would fix the problem. Nope ..not for me I get a 5 channel which sounds great and all but still no rear surrounds unless I do the test tone. And although a noob, yes I checked all wiring before many times. I also know they are connected properly because they play loud and clear on the Yamaha setup/manual.. on screen settings. What setting do I put it on to hear my rear surrounds??? Does anyone here know how to explain this to a dummy??? Thanks ahead of time..seriously i love you guys! Randy
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