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  1. Chris, Thank you for the detailed response. Lots of good information within these forums about the Jubilees. I appreciate it. Nick
  2. Hey Tom, Thank you. Your car analogy is perfect and really brings it home to me as I am a car guy. I used to race at Hockenheim, Germany with a highly “modded” Z06 Corvette. Yes, stock was not bad, but adding racing brakes, suspension, and all of those coolers sure helped performance until I was able to easily out handle GT3s. “If what you are asking is (my words): can any car be made to handle better by installing some expensive shocks and tires? Yes .... but it does not mean the stock car was somehow medicore” Your response not only enlightened me, but perhaps a few others who may be interested in Jubilees but not willing to deep dive so to speak. In that context, I am eager and look forward to trying these Jubilees as part of a new chapter in my newly acquired listening tastes. If that means I may mod in the future, so be it. It’s all for fun, joy, and passion for the hobby. Life is too short and you only live once. Thank you, I greatly appreciate you summarizing so bluntly, which was eye opening for all, not just me.
  3. @Chris, Thank you for this information regarding the Jubilees. As an avid music listener, I find that your technical insight and dedication to the Jubilee speaker system must mean that the Jubilee has imparted something special in sound quality and/or other attributes in which you, and a few others have cherished. To me, that is a sign of a speakers ability through design to be able to impart such qualities resulting in many spoken superlatives about the Jubilee. I have been very satisfied and love the sound of my system with the exception of the dynamic scale which eats up my McIntosh MC2301 300 watt tube amps on the B&W 800s. The Jubilee would serve to alleviate that issue. I do have a few questions as I have never owned any horns except my JBLs in the barracks back in the 80s. 1. What are the low level micro dynamics of the Jubilees? In other words, do the Jubilees come alive with pristine cymbals and trumpet instruments at low volume as well as higher volume? As you know, a normal speaker, especially the 800s, require a certain volume level to push these musical traits to the forefront in order to be heard easily. I am really interested in how low level shimmer and vocals sound without having to crank it up. Which leads to my second question. 2. The original Jubilee is supposed to be a 2 way configuration. Is their any sonic degradation (noise, distortion, etc.) by going to a three way vice 2 way due to the added complexity of a larger crossover network? 3. A few Jubilee owners have opted to change to the TAD 4001 or 4002 MF. Is the Jubilee not capable in playing the attributes listed in question 1 above in a quality manner? I know we like to mod stuff in this hobby, but I never had to mod my normal dynamic speakers as they were good as is. I would like to think we could purchase the Jubilees as is and play immediately; granted that the requisite hardware is available to support playing. Not to say that I am not willing to spend extra to eek out that last bit of increased performance. Which leads to question 4, cost of ownership to get to the level of quality that is “required” to sound good. Note that I am emphasizing the required because of the add on of the other TAF or Fatal drivers to increase musical capabilities certainly adds to the cost and time to enjoy the Jubilees. 4. After having read every thread on Jubilees within this last week, it is apparent to me that they are not quite a plug and play solution unless you have the crossover, DSP preferably, and a another set of amps to bi-amp to the bass beforehand. Those items could invariably add considerable costs if one were to seek out new top of the line components, or not so much, if lesser brand names, and buying used. The point I am making here is the costs of ownership could very well add up to the costs of a new set of Klipschorns, depending on which components you purchase in order to be able to play at the bare minimum. Throw in the TAD drivers, and the costs could easily surpasses the Klipschorns. The bottom line, a few have ventured down this path to achieve sonic bliss increasing their musical pleasure. This is not a bad thing, but, one must really understand that their are other costs, in time and money. I am willing to go down that path thanks to the technical information and modeling you posted. I guess it’s a mind set to own Klispch and also a mind set to be able to tweak beyond the manufacturer specs to achieve even higher levels of musical bliss. I did end up going to a fellow Klipschorn forum members house and listened to his Jubilees with the TAD drivers, and wow, what an exhilarating experience. My listening benchmark is the Jubilee with TAD but not stock. Any knowledge you could share about stock Jubilee sound would be great. Thank you.
  4. Wow....that’s very nice. Did you do the wood veneer yourself or have someone don it for you. Is the center veneer on the Jubilee the Klispch walnut? If one were to order the Jubilee with the walnut veneer, I wonder how a red stained cheery veneer would look like for the bass bin and top horn sections. Hmmm, you guys and gals, if any here, are really making me salivate over the Jubilees. Now that I see we can add wood veneers to pretty it up to give it that specific character, I am leaning towards selling my B&Ws and purchasing these outright. if you don’t mind, and you can converse with me via PM, how did you achieve this amazing wood veneer feat? Where did you source the wood, how did you make the cuts, assembly, etc. I am a complete novice wood worker and would have to outsource or hire someone directly, someone here, hint, to help me. Really, this is beautiful and something my wife would not complain about after spending money on a new speaker direction that I am going, thanks to you all, and after my audition this morning of Jubilees with the TAD 4002 horn. I never knew that horns could sound so good, and better my current speakers in terms of sheer dynamics and bass, wow!
  5. Great feedback all, thank you. I will definitely try to find a way to audition these someday soon. Anyone with Jubilees close to Manassas Virginia, or within a day drive? I also go to Michigan frequently so that is not out of the question either. Have you noticed the trend in Japanese audio lately, or for years for that matter? The Japanese audio enthusiasts seemed to have embraced horns earlier and more so than Americans. Just an observation from many European Audio forums I visit. I was once under the spell of regular speakers, but it’s all an illusion.
  6. Anyone close to Manassas Virginia? Looking to listen to a set of factory Jubilees. On the contact sheet their are two listed in Richmond VA. Are these folks still living there and are they factory Jubilees? If you are in the net, send me a PM. I would love to audition the Jubilees. Any neighboring states besides Virginia; Maryland, West Virginia, even North Carolina and Pa I would be willing to travel to. Thanks in advance.
  7. Wow, that was a good read. The reviewer summed it up best when he stated “do we have one of the best horn speakers in the world before us.” Hatten wir hier vielleicht den besten Lautsprecher der Welt vor uns? One thing I noticed outside of the other great superlatives given to the new Klipschorns is that they noted that maybe guitars seemed less “flirrig”, which I think means less flirty, than other speakers in the price class. I am not sure how you can have such a great speaker with low distortion and great dynamics, and fine details and lack guitar energy. Maybe it was a very critical comment based on extreme critical listening. They jammed out to Joe Bonammosa and enjoyed it, so they must have been critical of one aspect of the sound of guitars, but not sure what. Anyway, just listening to the Khorns, they were engaged and truly liked the sound overall. Great endorsement.
  8. Sure, just uploaded a whole bunch to a dealer for a trade in for my B&W Nautilus 800s. Here you go: https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/vDKn1eIpTRuNWYRa5BJCLg.XWePqbnWq6vzrRcL2eSTBM
  9. Thank you for the reply. I did read your sentiments concerning the Jubilee and was very enthralled. I understand that the current versions are more home theater versions and not quite like the Uber music horns that the Jubilee was originally intended for...if I am off the mark, please by all means inform me, as I am just now getting serious about the intricacies of the upper echelon Klipsch horns. You in Michigan? Wife is from there in a small town called Newyago.
  10. Thank you for the reply. Yeah, beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. I read the German review of the newest version and they received a top rating in almost all rated areas...this was in the German magazine Audio (01/19). They also stated that these new versions could be best newest horns in the world...that’s a testament, especially since Avant Garde is in their neck of the woods. When my wife met me, I had Polk Audio SDA 2s, she couldn’t wait for me to ditch them, sold them before returning to the US from Germany. Glad that there are many others who like the Klipschorns as well.
  11. Howdy all, New member here. Been following Klipsch speakers for years; since way back in the 80s when I was stationed in Germany the big Klipsch and Infinity RS series were available in the military audio clubs overseas. I have owned Mirages, JBLs, Polk Audio, Pioneers, and now B&W Nautilus 800s. After the last Capital Audio fest I was floored by the Classic Loudspeaker horns they demonstrated. It brought back memories when we would have barracks music wars with the Klipschorn and Lascalas that Soldiers bought and put them in the barracks, really! I have lived with the big B&W 800s for years and drive them with McIntosh MC2301 tube amps with two 1000 watt 15 inch sealed subs from B&W. Now, I am on the pursuit of getting the Klipschorns for my listening tastes. I am so close to pulling the trigger on Legacy Aeris with the wavelet processor, but wow, the horn efficiency and dynamic range is just awesome. I have the space, 33 feet long x 19 feet wide with 8 foot ceilings. Would like to know from others who own the latest Klipschorns or even older versions. I keep getting pushback from the wife and others who say that the Klipschorns are ugly compared to the Cherry finished Nautilus 800s, or even the Legacy Aeris,...I tell folks that looks are not everything...it’s the sound I am after, and with an efficient design such as the Klipschorn I look forward to being able to jam out with Stevie Ray Vaughan or Eric Clapton. Don’t get me wrong, my system sounds beautiful as is, but I am interested in a new type of sound and the Klipschorns fit my requirements. I can always buy speakers, my primary components are keepers for life. mostly analog system for vinyl playback McIntosh Mc2301 Transrotor Apollon turntable with TMD SME V with Benz LPs, SME V with Soundsmith Sussaro MKII Aesthetix IO Signature phono amp Mcintosh MVP891 SACD blu ray player Octave Jubilee preamp PS Audio P10 for amps PS Audio P5 for sources Third build over the years. custom built room on concrete slab with 3 concrete walls, and with acoustical build parameters; bamboo floors, double wall in rear of room, high density spray foam under joists, Roxul safe and sound on walls and ceiling, resilient channel, quiet rock 540 drywall, green glue wherever possible, 5 dedicated 20 amp circuits. EP 2050 power surge industrial in line filter. It’s a bomb shelter and the wife does not complain when I play loud. My handle is derived for the musical journey I have been on since I was a teenager and listened to reel to reel tapes from my stepdad of Santana when he was a Congo drum player and back up player. Been on the Audioquest4life ever since. Hope to meet some folks someday.
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