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  1. Wayne Rathan in Chicago. Selling on eBay. 100% positive feedback. Multiple power amps and a phono preamp. Here's a link to his 300B offering: https://www.ebay.com/itm/300B-Stereo-Tube-Singled-Ended-Amplifier-Edcor-Trans-5U4-6SN7-SE-300B-SE-AMP/323976650648?hash=item4b6e835f98:g:mSoAAOSwENNdZuwE
  2. does the rear label say MR on it for Mahogany Raw i used to own a set of ( K ) 1972 Mahogany Raw verticals that i used boiled linseed oil on them. they were in perfect condition except for a little scrum on the side of one of them Nope. See attached photo of left speaker; right speaker is 2K307
  3. I was willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. But he's now selling ANOTHER pair of Cornwall's which he didn't have when I met him. To be fair, everything else was stock and they demoed well. But my wife came with me for the demo and she and I agree - he seemed a little slimy. But I don't regret the purchase, so I have nothing really to be upset about. I mean, see for yourselves.
  4. ...that were said to be "100% original" and found these crossovers inside, how mad would you be? I'll admit, I wasn't happy. But I was expecting to at least have to replace the caps. Bob Crites hooked me up with new crossovers instead, and my Vertical Mahogany Cornwalls are singing again. Got the Crites tweeters as well. Next up, I got a line on a Scott 222C........looks pretty clean. I'll get to see it soon enough.
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