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  1. Thank you NADman. Good to know. I don’t mind the blue lights on, just wanted to make sure that was normal. Sub turns on and off automatically, and it sounds fantastic.
  2. Ok thank you, I’ve read the manual, makes no mention of the blue lights staying on.
  3. The green light goes off when I put the switch to AUTO when I turn off the receiver. The question I have is does the WiFi transmitter blue lights stay on always.just was wondering if this is normal.
  4. Hi BillyBob, thank you. Yes it does have an auto on? Here is what the back looks like. See attachment.
  5. I have a Klipsch 10SWi sounds and works perfectly. One question, when I power off my stereo the blue light on the wireless transmitter and the on back of the sub woofer stays on. Is this normal? Plus I have to manually switch the power off on the back of the sub woofer for the green light to go off. Any ideas on what settings I need to do. Thank you in advance.
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