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  1. Hey all, I recently moved (renting so I don't want to cut into a ceiling) to where it's near impossible to have rear surrounds mounted and these Atmos speakers got me thinking that they may be able to be used as "surrounds" sitting on my front speakers (RF7's). Since they are designed to reflect audio off the ceiling back down to the listener's position, then what do you think, would they suffice for being a decent attempt for rear surround sound effects? I also thought about wall mounting them facing up to throw the sound at the rear of the couch and off the back wall... Anyways, figured I would ask the audiophiles and try to find out if someone has tested this?
  2. Thanks. I live in Los Angeles area. If iI do mod the xovers, I will take Dean up on his offer and have them done right. As far as placement goes, I have had them toe'd at every angle, near and far from the sidewalls. Bass is definitely impacted, but not so much the highs. Have carpeted floors, but no room treatments with the exception of having window coverings to reduce the reflections.
  3. thanks to everyone for your replies. i ran the auto mcacc but didnt run the version with the ms options, must have missed that. i also tried xcurve at -1.5db and -3db, which helped in home theater/movies, best at -1.5db imo. but music in 2 channel stereo or direct stereo was still not what i had hoped. i will mess with the eq and see if i can further tame them without altering the quality.
  4. I am pushing them with the pioneer sc-25, 140w/channel ice amp. Mind you i know this isn't a 200w x2 beast, still seems like it should be adequate. I have a bee-line on an emotiva 3 x200 that i may pick up this weekend. as for the ohms, klipsch shows them at 8ohms???
  5. Hello, I know what Klipsch states in their product catalog is the general differences but I haven't heard the ii series. I just recently picked up a pair of RF7's used and am taken back by the overwhelming highs. Is the improved crossover in the ii series that much of a difference? Would it be possible to buy the ii series crossovers from Klipsch and use them in the original series? Thanks.
  6. A few nibbles but they haven't sold yet. I may have scared some people off. First, my price is negotiable, I looked around to see what they were selling for these days but am open to offers. Second, even though I would like to keep it to local delivery, I travel from San Diego to San Fran/Sacramento quite often for work, so an exchange between these areas could be coordinated. If you would like pictures, shoot me a pm. Jaq
  7. I admit that I don't know much about Rotel, but is the faceplate/case changeable? Or would that take lifting the board and internal components to do a changeout? Seems like a steal at $600 in comparison to all the other prices I have seen.
  8. Might be too late, but I found this ad in the recycler here in southern California, who knows, they may ship: Rotel RMB-1075, 5 channel x120 watt amplifier. Silver on Black, 3 years old. Excellent condition, came back from service, power button broke. Selling because I purchased Sunfire amp 1yr ago. $600.00 or OBO Comes with original packing, Manual and fuse. Local pickup only/cash Jack Hastings 714-604-9666 jack.hastings@yahoo.com Not black on black, but hey....
  9. Klipsch Forte II - Medium Oak - 1990 - sequential serials Good condition and sound fantastic! I have owned them for the past 5 or so years but prefer the Legend series over these, not to mention, the WAF played a role in this... [:'(] They aren't in "perfect" condition but they do look good! Selling the pair for $600. I am also open to trade them for a good 12" sub and/or rs35's, pending quality of the sub. Local pickup/delivery only please, Chino, CA 91710 - approx 30 miles east of Los Angeles. I also have a single KLF10 Black, not pretty in condition, but it performs excellent, corners scraped, scratches on sides, no foot spikes. Using the other as a center channel with my other KLF10's, $200 or use in above trade idea. Feel free to ask questions. Jaq All powered by HK AVR635
  10. You all have been a tremendous amount of help! Very thorough. I hope I have explained myself well. The Forte's are producing bass, just not as accurate and hard/deep punch. I will attempt to arrange them closer/angled in the corners to double check that I didn't miss anything. Excellent feedback guys!
  11. If I had to say which I listen to more, it would have to be movies with a minor in music. Rock, some alternative, some r&b, country, LOL all around different music types. I don't have a complete setup, no center. Always enjoyed phantom center over an actual center but that could have been because of the centers I have tried in my setup. Yamaha pos, Klispch C7 (no bass, sealed box, probably would have been fixed with a sub) and a Boston that I borrowed from a buddy. The RC7 looks nice, being rear ported, mid and bass woofer separately. Sounds too good to be true. Haven't heard one bad thing about it. A good friend of mine has a huge 15" sub, Klipsch, not sure the model but a $1500 sub or at least so he tells me. It rocks the house and sounds excellent in his setup. I just don't want to spend that kind of money for something that doesn't suit my tastes. The first sub I owned was a Dahlquist 12", downward firing. Not the best brand but it hit pretty low. Gave it to my brother becuase of an arguement we had over audio and how important it was to have excellent quality speakers. But he didn't get new speakers after he installed the sub behind the couch, now that his audio issues were fixed. LOL And I am out a decent sub I don't like rumbling, just sharp and punchy. When a shotgun or a .45 is fired, I want to feel it in my chest as if I was on the receiving end. With the KLF10's, I am 90% there. Slightly left wanting. I am in Ontario (east of Los Angeles by about 45 miles). Wish my living room was wide enough to really A/B the two. I am confident that I like the liveliness of the KLF10's better without a sub. Just watched Star Wars III and oh man! But for music, the Forte II's are just a smidget more full sounding. Thanks for the feedback!
  12. This won't be an easy depiction of what I am experiencing... I have enjoyed listening to the Forte II's as my mains for the last year and a half. They replaced the legend series KLF10's. After I recently moved, the width of the Forte's were too wide. So I used the KLF10's as my mains again. WOW, I fell in love with them all over again. The Forte's were the smoothest sounding speaker I have ever heard, but now, I am in limbo. I know that these two sets of speakers are very efficient BUT the Forte II's just don't seem to really punch the bass, probably due to the passive radiator. The ported KLF10's just dominate any action movie hands down. I don't use a sub woofer, never really cared for them but now I am considering a few things: 1. I use a yammie RX-V800 (110wpc in stereo or 100x5? - something like that), powers the KLF10's very nicely but just doesn't push the bass through the Forte's. Should I get an amplifier to extend more power to the Forte's? 2. Maybe I could use a good, solid sub-woofer to make up for that punch? Or maybe I just prefer the KLF10 sound and should stick with them... Thank you for taking yer time to make sense out of my non-sense. Any advice? I hate to bare the thought of selling my Forte II's as it took me over a year to find them in excellent condition.
  13. Can't say that I have fully experienced many receiver brands but even listening to demo's units in stores is not the best method to find your taste. Started off with Onkyo, went to Denon, then traded UP to Yamaha. All what most would probably consider lower stock (under $500-600). I currently own a Yamaha RX-V800 and have used it for approx 2 1/2 years. Loving every minute of it. Too bad for me, the next line came out and I missed out on Dolby Digital EX format, although I am sure it can't be all that great. But I am very curious as the new 1400 model from Yamaha. Looks like they added in a bass management system to compete with HK's latest. My next receiver will probably either be the Yamaha RX-V1400 or the HK AVR525, but I still have a while left on the 800 due to the WAF headache. Let us know which way you go and how it works out! Jaq
  14. Not sure if this helps but on my Yammie, there are 3 different settings for the OSD, full detail, summary and off. Since I use a 3rd party remote, sometimes I accidentally click it off and have to pull out the original remote to use it's buttons! Plus, OSD usually only works with composite and s-video only connections - make sure your on the proper video input as OSD doesn't work with component video, at least on my yammie. Jaq's Daniel
  15. I tested the HK's 525 a/v receiver at a shop and found it to feel light in the plastics, cheap buttons and panels. Although it sounded better than any of the receivers they had to compare. Have you found any problem with this? Thanks!
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